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Minister Says Persons ‘Were Looking for Confrontation’

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis told reporters Thursday that he knows for a fact that persons were looking for confrontation, as a crowd gathered near parliament this week.

Francis said the police got information that there were going to be protests.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner disclosed that as a result, the law enforcement officers cordoned off the area.

Francis told reporters the officers did so to manage the situation.

He made it clear that the police action was not a call by the executive.

“I am sure of that,” he responded when the question was put to him.

“The police did what they were supposed to do and I congratulate them,” the Minister told reporters.

He recalled that although persons came around the cordon, the officers did not react.

“That was good, because I know for a fact that persons were looking for confrontation,” Francis declared.

“If you looked at the crowd there you would see the Honourable Shawn Edward (MP for Dennery North), you will see Doctor Stephen King mingling in the crowd. Where was the social distancing?” The Minister observed.

His comments came against the backdrop of Tuesday’s gathering outside parliament by members of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and their supporters.

They said they wanted to make their presence felt.

The Trust has been up in arms over the demolition on Saturday of the former jailhouse on Bridge Street in Castries.

The organisation said a dangerous precedent had been set because the Allen Chastanet administration reneged on what the SLNT regarded as a legally binding agreement not to do so.

According to the SLNT, the former Her Majesty’s prison was a building of immense historical value.

But Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on Tuesday defended the demolition, saying that as far as he could recall, provision was made for the government to act ‘unilaterally.’




  1. Has Hermangild ever met a microphone or camera he didn’t like? Just for him to make stupid statements all the time. The police set up barricades long before dawn in order to provoke citizens yet he comes to try and vilify citizens. Chupse. He is focused on telling lies about Shawn and Stephen King not adhering to social distancing? ……..

  2. Liar if so be the case why Wayne Charlery look clueless when he was asked by the media y’all all full of s…

  3. Mr Francis, please consider taking your retirement.

    “Confrontation and protest” do you realise difference in the meaning of these words?!

    That’s why the lawyers run rings round you buys in court.

    Have you never heard of silent protest? Can a silent protest be confrontational.

    P.S. are you intoxicated in that picture or are you C19 positive?

  4. Hermangild come on man …you serious . both you and the mayor talk too ” cheap ” at times . that’s not what you taught me as a young constable. On the other hand continue to work the RSLPF….to improve working conditions…

  5. So what is the problem of the National Trust? If they are so genuine why are they working in cohorts with the Labour Party. There are constant meetings with high level people in the Labour Party.

    It is just a campaign strategy. They are not genuinely concerned about anything. Why have they been lying dormant and all of a sudden they are vocal.

    the ordinary members of the national trust are being used to advance the efforts and views of the few with political ambitions (what do you call that). BEWARE St. Lucians. Don’t let people with ulterior motives use you’ll. Don’t let people with ulterior motives represent you as they will cloud your views in advancement of their own.

    I smell a rat. If Allison is honest she will tell you the truth.

  6. Firstly that pile of rubbish is historical debre what just to tell tourist oh look that was the old prison push please ! How do we expect our people to work in this deplorable state Her majesty my foot …I thought this country was or is it they are dependant ?any who that place need a make over if you want to keep a memory take a picture (before and after ) ..even the termites are older than some of you, rats have a history there ,the mold from 19 oh knot , that place is a sight for saw eyes literally. I mean I dont support the guy in the way he runs the country but at least let him do something good for a change .The staff complained about the work environment ,wanted improvement now it’s like who me it’s ok it can stay like that. It’s sad to believe that the people of st.lucia dont want fresh air to breathe and light in their offices the work environment is deplorable its congested,and work environment like these affects ones ability to work and think not in a positive way,imagine you take a photo saying that’s where I work. No pride no love for the fellow man to like 10 years down the line your son or daughter has to look forward to working there or should I say back omg just break that thing down that place needs a facelift .

    • I wish these UWP Operatives would stop pretending to be regular citizens. We all know that these comments are staged, NO Saint Lucian can bw thinking these things. Give it up Bow Tie man et al

  7. Don’t blame poor Hermangild, he is just singing for his supper. What options does the poor fellow have. I mean look at his state

  8. I couldn’t give a flip about this old prison. It was time to be demolished. ANything to better the economy is a plus. Stop fussing about those minor things. We should have more protests to open up the country.
    Here’s whats not right:
    1.having a stupid curfew from 9Pm to 5AM. That’s total garbage.
    2. wanting to extend a nonsensical, restrictive state of emergency for an additional 4 months when there’s no emergency.
    That’s what needs to be protested right now.

  9. Mr. Francis, you are such a disappointment. Where’s all the bravado we saw in you as a cop.

    Now you sound like such a weak little thing – saying what you know the white slave master wants to hear from you.

  10. In this day and age of the w.w.w. it is deplorable to read nonsensical comments on here. Bad grammar, bad spelling, bad contexts of just about everything says a lot about the commenters – ignorance.

    In the “civilised” world, most countries use their “infamous prisons” as tourist attractions: Alcatraz Island, USA, Devil’s Island off the coast of French Guiana, and a whole lot more. These countries make $$$ annually from these tourist attractions as museums to add to their coffers.

    .. Alcatraz Tickets & Tours – Visit San Francisco’s Famous Prison
    .. Devil’s Island – Dark Tourism – the guide to dark travel … › index.php
    .. Top 10 Famous prisons turned into tourist attractions – Daily

    Anything wrong with that?

  11. Unfortunately, St Lucians don’t “give a flip about” (@ Samson’s comment) … its history! That is one of the reasons we remain ignorant, and then post nonsensical comments regarding suchand more . Showing off their “petticoats”.

    I’m waiting to be raked over the coals for my comments (non-political at that!). I can take it! My little back is broad, and I have a helluva set of “balls”.

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