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Updated on June 6, 2020 2:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 2:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 2:30 pm

Minister Says ‘Repeat Offenders’Suspected In Recent Gun Violence

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has told reporters here that  the people suspected of involvement in the recent shootings and killings in Saint Lucia are repeat offenders.

The minister said they are persons who have previously been arrested for firearm offences, bailed or convicted and are back on the streets doing the very same thing.

“I am happy that I see the police are now stepping up their game – and use the law; the law is correct,” the former police officer asserted.

He explained that if persons do not want to understand that it is illegal to carry an unlicensed firearm, police officers must  enforce the law.

Francis stated that 2018 is ending in a manner that he is not ‘too pleased’ with, especially in terms of the crime situation.

But he commended the opposition for not making any negative comments about the escalation in crime.

“That augurs well for our country,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner said Thursday morning.

“But the other stakeholders like the Chamber of Commerce who have made comments, the clergy, people with clubs and these sort of things, the judiciary – everybody must play their part,” the minister explained.

“So when you arrest a young man with a firearm and tomorrow he is back on the streets – and if you look, they are repeat offenders, repeat offenders, repeat offenders,” Francis lamented.

He noted that people declare that there is no work and a lack of housing.

While asserting that such factors make a contribution to crime,  Francis observed that there are people who have made up their minds that they want to live a life of crime.

“No matter how much work you give them, no matter what you do, this is how they are going to live their lives,” he told reporters.



  1. Lets start implementing the 1.2.3 sistem Lets see if this workes.But lets tackle the judiciary sistem,and fix what is not working

  2. Then our society is failing. Where are the probation officers and the rehabilitation programs. Our social structures to deal with crime are overwhelmed. High crime means increased injuries, which means increase burden on the health sector. So the health sector has to spend time giving medical care to gunshot and stabbing victims and cannot provide proper care for the other diseases as they would like. Invest more money into social structures the girls go to the girls home in the day and return to the same environment that cause them to be troubled in the night. That defeats all the work done with them during the day. When 17 year olds are put out of their homes by parents they are too old for the children’s home, cannot go to the shelter unless they are abused and end up on the streets. Let us provide life skills for our people so the first reaction is not violence but mediation and effective communication and then there will be less repeat offenders, repeat offenders, repeat offenders.

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  4. Nice one Minister i see you left out the Lawyers who are the ones encouraging the crime situation further as they take bribes and sell out peoples cases the person with the most money always buys Justice in Saint Lucia. A man commits an offence of Harm is brought to court the case is not heard for 2 and half years but is finally dismissed by a Magistrate and he gives you the Complainant a 2 year bond to Keep the peace.

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