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Minister Says Saint Lucia ‘A World Leader’ In Dealing With COVID-19

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has praised Saint Lucia’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis, declaring that the Island is a ‘world leader’.

He says this country is among the top five globally in dealing with the pandemic.

“Looking at the situation, I believe that – not I believe, the record is there to show, sometimes it does not matter what we believe, it matters what the reality is. The reality is Saint Lucia managed this health pandemic better than, I would say, any Island within the region,” Joseph declared.

He made the comments during an interview on the National Television Network (NTN).

According to the Minister, globally, Saint Lucia is among the top five nations in handling the crisis.

Joseph made the remarks while addressing the issue of the reopening of the national economy.

“Given that outcome and being able to  deal with the situation is to move to the next step of dealing with the economy,” he explained.

The Minister acknowledged that COVID-19 is still a global pandemic.

He noted that the World Health Organisation has not said that the crisis is over.

“Countries are still trying to gauge where they are in the curve – whether they have peaked, whether they have levelled the curve sufficiently,” Joseph told NTN.

But he asserted that Saint Lucia’s economy cannot remain closed indefinitely.

“Now you have to make a choice between ‘Do I allow people to die physically?’ or ‘Do I allow people to die economically?'” Joseph explained.

He declared that one can lead to the other.

According to the Economic Development Minister, it was all about striking the right balance between economic activity and health concerns.

He noted that on the issue of health concerns, one of the last areas the Allen Chastanet administration focussed on was outfitting Victoria Hospital to be the isolation centre.

“So while we were just using the hospital, because we had moved into OKEU, it had not been fully outfitted to have all of the separations and the patient wards and everything,” Joseph said.

He disclosed that as of Saturday, the contractor began work.

“We expect at least 20 isolation rooms will be available by June 1 – that is at Victoria Hospital,” Joseph stated.

He said those would be separate and apart from all of the other facilities that are being used for quarantine, the first response centres in Gros Islet and other institutions.

Joseph said Victoria Hospital is being outfitted so in the event when the economy is opened and there is an outbreak in certain areas, the country will be better prepared to respond.

The Minister asserted that from all indications from the experts, COVID-19 will be here for a while.

He questioned whether Saint Lucia can survive focussing only on the health aspect of the pandemic, while not dealing with the economic crisis.

“That is what brings us to the point where we are taking a very measured approach and Saint Lucia continues to be a world leader in dealing with this matter,” Joseph stated.


    • I wonder what is wrong with Guy Joseph. Why does he believe he is St. Lucia’s smartest person and can fool everybody else? What is his boast about when we are still not sure where this whole crisis is going? Doesn’t that Guy understands that his idle boast can cause a situation of false security among a population? Is the government so desperate that Guy has to behave like that? Is it just a lack of respect for the intelligence of the people of this country?

    • Just saying, statistically right? Do you know anything about statistics and what the statistics show. The point is that Guy is only trying to fool people. For your benefit Just saying the fact is all the reports show that the Caribbean on the whole did extremely well compared to other regions. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ST.LUCIA’S GOVERNMENT. Now, Just Saying, I will not go into matters of per capita with you because you will not understand as you only believe in blind defence. But here are simple figures from the OECS region that I hope you can interpret:
      Country Cases Deaths Recovered
      Anguilla 3 0 3
      BVI 8 1 6
      Montserrat 11 1 10
      St.Kitts/ Nevis 15 0 15
      Dominica 16 0 16
      St. Lucia 18 0 18
      St.Vincent 18 0 14
      Grenada 22 0 14
      Antigua 24 3 11
      So just saying, while i am happy that st. Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean are doing well, please let us not gloat unnecessarily. To do that is stupid. Now if you want to get into a discussion on stats with me, then bring it on.

      • Yes so as I was saying…he’s right, statistically we are doing superbly. Thanks for proving my point.

      • Hold it Just saying, both you and Guy are lying. GUY says “The reality is Saint Lucia managed this health pandemic better than, I would say, any Island within the region” the figures present by Need to repeat does not say that. Statistically you and Guy are lying. Guy says this country is among the top five globally in dealing with the pandemic but the table presented by Need to repeat and which you accept as making your point shows that we are not five in the OECS. If we are not five in the OECS, then we are not five in the Caribbean, and if we not five in the Caribbean then we not five in Latin America/Caribbean, if we not five in Latin America/Caribbean we are not five in the Western Hemisphere, if we are not five in Western Hemisphere we are not five in the world.
        I had to really break it down for your feeble mind. Hope you get it. If not post again because I have some further explanations for you. Stop coming here to Just saying nonsense.

      • Belair Farmer, Sorry the anger in your post took away from your message. I suggest you stop behaving like a female, go forgive your mother, then come back and speak like a man with some level of emotional control.

      • Yes Just saying I am happy you detect my anger at your stupidity. Yes I feel angry that in this modern day we can have people like you who cannot make a meaningful contribution to a debate. Now I know you feel you have lost because you have shifted from the topic to my mother (although you don’t know me or my mother) but I understand that’s what the feeble minded do. Or is it that you lost emotional control?
        Whatever you insults or unwarranted and misplaced advice, I hold to my point that the facts, the statistics, the evidence does not support Guy’s lies which you support. I hold firm in my view that this behaviour by Guy is certainly not responsible behaviour. I hold firm in my principle that the truth must be communicated to the people.
        I don’t know your mother but will be respectful enough not to draw her here. Deflect if you want, but I will remain focus.
        Now lets see who is wiser and correct – the intelligent person (the one who remains on message) or the emotional fool ( the one who insults by making reference to the other’s mother).

      • I can’t reason with you because of your anger. You are a beta male because real men do not have anger, they have logic and control of their emotions. You have fallen away from your father and taken on the personality of your mother. You are against the current gov and no amount of logic or reasoning could change that because your nature is that of a woman. Seek and return to your father and then you will see the light in true godly love.

      • I am following this discussion that stated ACP of Police and the back and forth between Just saying and Belair Farmer. Quite interesting but Just saying seem to have lost it because he is discussing an individual he does not even know instead of the issue. This last comment has nothing to do with the issue. Plus it appears to me that just saying has something against women. Why do you think is father’s personality is better than his mothers?
        I hope the two of you can go back to the topic, especially Just saying. Now please don’t come for me.

    • I had to run a quick fact check before writing. From the information provided by WHO, Guy’s statement is incorrect. Is St. Lucia a world leader when categorizing the list as Nations? No! Is St. Lucia a world leader when categorizing the list per 100, 000 people? No! Negative for both questions.

      I am not sure what Guy’s intent may be. And I dare not guess at it. He has a history of erroneous information which are usually chocked up as lies. Reading and comprehension may be an opportunity for development.

      • Didn’t even mention rate of testing in the Caribbean in which there is a significant disparity. Testing is the scientific approach to the problem. We also know that many people experienced COVID-19 without visiting a medical facility.

        Let’s be thankful for our mercies that God has bestowed upon us. Tired of the bombastic claims from the red and yellow shirts.

  1. Guy I’m always with you but this time I don’t agree with you at all. You have no idea what’s coming for us with this covid 19. You will have to swallow your words. The testings were inadequate. We should be testing thousands at a time not 50 or 29

  2. “Now you have to make a choice between ‘Do I allow people to die physically?’ or ‘Do I allow people to die economically?’” Joseph explained. —-omfg i die dead on that one! thanks for the laugh Guy! Wonder if he[guy] would rather us die theoretically !!

  3. ..………….all these praises they are giving to themselves I LOVE IT….. just saving them in a special folder on my desktop and watch me and them when the second wave hit let them beat their chest….. you see what Trump said today.

  4. Im just doing my best to make out what the hell is going on OKU what is that hospital for ? they still cant perform any mayor surgery,so all those that are waiting now for more than two months,just hang on guys,thats what they tell us.Besides the amount of beds is a laugh.Now we dont have any contaminated customers,the problem is that the shootings and stabings and crashes,ocupy all of Victoria.We niggers just screwed

  5. We did not manage it better….we just less REPORTED CASES of the virus. There are many people who weather the storm and did not report it…all those stiff upper lippers who would rather die than to be seen at Star Fish. From as way back in February I knew of people who had flu like symptoms and were boiling bush before we even had our first test kit. St Lucia is just lucky……just goggle The New York Times Headlines(today) is saying about the second wave and how China already start closing down…then on top of it Trump claim if the US gets a second wave the country will not close down ….. compelled with WHO reporting the largest single day increase in corona cases… I have been saying all along we are just in the eye of the storm so let them chat St Lucia’s resilience has not been tested yet. WHO is estimating that 70% of the world’s population will have the virus before it’s under control so who never got it in the first round will get it the second round and ON TOP OF THAT it’s been reported that the virus is mutating….meaning what ever vaccine is develop will be short lived. This man is not educated to be making any kind of statement.

    • Come with the facts. You just can’t fathom the fact that there were no death from covid-19 amidst the criticism of our healthcare by the opposition and with open boarders, 2 international airport, 2 marinas and a seaport we had only 18 cases. Do you really believe, with the number of people dying worldwide with covid-19, our St Lucians will not go to the hospital if they think they have it? It takes a ST Lucian to try to krazey us.

      • What did the Government of St Lucia do that caused us to get only 18 cases of COVID 19 and even more so, what did the government do that has prevented people from getting sick enough to have to be admitted at the hospital. Am I missing something here, what does all of this have to do with the Government? Wait till the country goes back to normal. Wait tell after we pack all or Public Officers back into their cramped offices. Wait till we open our airport to the Epicenter of the Coronal Virus. Just wait and see, St Lucia will soon find out.

  6. The facts are out there. It does not have to come from Guy Joseph. Even if some people think the management of the covid 19 testing etc in St Lucia was not the best, we still had a favourable outcome of no deaths. I saw it on BBC news myself that the whole caribbean had 83 or 84 deaths in total and they were applauding the islands for this great news. Glory to God we had zero covid 19 deaths in St Lucia.

  7. Another Donald Trump attitude …is that something to celebrate ? How about other countries that did better with a much larger population .. You fool

  8. One thing the ministry of health has missed .Rainy season is St. Lucia’s flu season and it is the very time that we are opening the country to the world , if this virus is still lingering around or imported unnoticed ,we come to the reality of the management of Covid-19 in 2020 .Lets hope and pray that we don’t have a health disaster on our hands with all the below standard health services we have in St. Lucia

  9. When the labour leader commented that colonialism had a consience looks like be dont know his british history and other world history if he doesn’t know the millions of people that were butchered and their countries taken away from them and given to their people ir Australia newzealand canada america India our father land Africa and countless other lands and the majority of us knows this for the labour leader to sit there and say otherwise he is not fit to lead any one snywhere.

    • Louisy Mavine, your reading is lousy. Read again and when you get it I hope you don’t change your mind about the person making such a statement “is not fit to lead any one anywhere”. Do we have an agreement on this? Ok. Great!
      Ok Louisy Mavine, it is NOT the labour leader.
      Anyways, I hope it is just a matter of poor reading and not openly trying to lie. Oh may be you just too quick to defend your PM even when he makes statements that insult those of us who are descendants of people who suffer from colonialism

  10. this is what happen when u have people like guy joseph running a country’s affairs, a bus driver, with thinking like a bus driver. we have our own maduro. next you have dominic fedee another imbecile whose tourism strategy involve opening up st lucia to only the biggest corona hotspot in the world, the USA and forgetting about all others. no mention is made of st lucians coming into their home country, just how the “negas” need tp get off their bark sides and serve the white masters in their hotels. and no thought is given to anything else except a decision will be made right in august. dont worry, thats enough time for them to infect every where and make you all look like fools as you people always have been. i have no issue with opening up, but dont tell me you open up to the corona capital of the world and leave everyone behind. who is leading us? mad men?

    • Magloire, why don’t you stay out of limelight and lick your miserable wounds in private. Why have you resurfaced? Just so?

  11. SMH………Are these guys so desperate for positive affirmation.Now is not the time to start patting yourself on the back because if things were going south you would be giving all kinda of excuses. Wait till its over than you can assess how good or bad you did

  12. Guy I love you the truth hurts especially the SLP people are the most empy vessels are every seen they are the only ones they think that can talk in St Lucia.i rather guy be the pm than pjp what a shame to see how St lucians can be hatred over politics.

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