Monday, February 17, 2020

Minister Urges End To Row Between Mayor And Hilaire

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has proposed that his brother, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis, and Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire hold a meeting amid their current war of words.

“I think they should meet and speak and stop this to and fro,” the Minister declared.

However he said it was a matter between the two parties and he was not getting involved.

The Castries Mayor and the Castries South MP have been engaged in a public row over management of the finances of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC).

The Mayor had indicated that he would work to ensure that Hilaire would not regain the Castries South seat.

But when he was questioned on the matter, the National Security Minister told reporters he had not heard any such thing.

“I am busy doing my work. I have three ministries to take care of and those sort of outside noises I don’t really listen to,” Senator Francis stated.

In additional to National Security, Francis is also responsible for Home Affairs and Justice




  1. lol. Hilaire, the mayor is now in your constituency. No vehicles parked along the Ambulance route. Transport and Traffic Dept. have not been doing their work

  2. I believe this war of words between Minister Ernest Hilaire and the Mayor of Castries is unsavory to say the least. It is unproductive, and does not auger well for the Office that they both hold. Please lead by example and stop that bickering like two street women, it is not nice. Remember the young people are watching.

  3. Meeting for what. These two men should have a boxing match in constitution park. The government can charge admission fee of $15.00.

  4. Mesiay !!!come to think of it, how else will the pulblic kno stuff if is not when them felas have war of words?remember theses guys dont sit and talk to the ordinary man about stuff. So the only way (one of the only way)the ordinary man will know fings is when there is war of words.

  5. A Meeting would prove too be useless unless the Mayor lets Hilaire sees the CCC financials(pigs will fly before that happens) it would never solve anything

  6. How, hyproctical Hermanguild can be. You are asking them to stop the war of words between them, yet you’re telling us, you’ve not heard the comments. Is it a situation where you are afraid of certain information will be revealed to the public and your brother will be exposed. I am in Strong support of Mr. Hilaire, giving all the information to the media so that the wrongs shall be exposed once and for all. As a nation and tax payers we all need to know how our monies are being spent. Government officials ought to understand that they were trusted to manage our economy and there shouldn’t be any hidden agenda, we deserve answers. The Mayor’s action leaves a lot of burning issues on the table and to tell a parliamentary Representative, that you don’t have to be in politics to ensure that he looses his seat is very telling. I’m patiently waiting for next week media briefing, the truth shall be told. If, you know that you are not clean try not to attack others.

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