Minister Warns COVID-19 Remains A Major Concern Amid Relaxed Protocols

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Ahead of relaxed protocols effective on Monday, Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste warned last week that COVID-19 is still circulating in Saint Lucia and remains a major concern.

“Given our low immunisation rate and the growing evidence of long COVID, COVID-19 remains a public health threat. With the general relaxation of the measures, personal responsibility becomes paramount,” the Minister explained.

He disclosed that as of August 26, 2022, Saint Lucia had diagnosed 28,730 COVID-19 cases with approximately 117 active cases currently.

In addition, the country had recorded 391 COVID-19 deaths and continues to register cases daily.

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Nevertheless, the Health Minister noted that the COVID-19 vaccination rate remains below standard at 30%.

He explained that Saint Lucians can access vaccines at all of the Wellness Centres and they are also available for children from five years old.

Saint Lucia’s new relaxed COVID-19 protocols include removing the physical distance and mass crowd limitations, and capacity restrictions on public transportation.

In general, wearing face masks is optional but remains ‘highly recommended’ to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

But masks are required in certain circumstances, including where many people are in close contact and when visiting certain institutions like elderly homes.

Saint Lucia has also removed the testing and vaccination requirement for entry.

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  1. Put politics aside and care more for the people in the South; put hell on the Cabal in the Cabinet – mainly two of them for their grudge and hate, they can’t let go – tell them to complete the modern Hospital in your Constituency; the people demand it. Lord open his eyes.

  2. so i went to the 1st national bank today and when i went in the security still telling people to stand on the marker on the ground to observe physical distancing . why are they doing this when the physical distancing limitation is removed? someone answer this

      • but the point i am making, there are no protocols again when it comes to physical distancing so who gives them the right to do it and also is it illegal to not follow them? if so be the case it makes no sense the minister made adjustments. what do you think?

  3. Are they really concerned? If they are/ were very concerned Carnival should not have happened. There would have not been any crowd events such as G-Islet Friday night and the constant traveling of the government officials ministers. We are seeing the ministers constantly speaking to the media without masks and doing presentations without mask. Now we forget Zoom and e-learning. Moses you cannot restrict people. It is what is. Restrict people for too long, you will get problems,; you open up new possibilities may arise. Covid is not the end of the world. Those who want the restrictions can keep wearing their masks and keep boosting up their bodies and refrain from attending mass crowds events but we cannot apply the Covid19 protocols to everyone at this stage Enough of this.

    • to tell you honestly i hope people still do the zoom meetings and stuff and utilise the internet more cause at the end of the day its much more productive and less time consuming this way than having face to face interactions. instead of taking a bus to go to town to drop off a document one you have internet you can just scan it and email it and send it right away

    • Those people were never concerned. It has always been about power and control. Are you people already forgetting carnival 2021. Wait I mean election rallies in 2021.

  4. @g.w not sure this is the objective of the government the number of people who doesn’t want to get vaccinated as of today I am not there is anything you can say or do to convince them to get vaccinated

  5. Wow, is this guy paid by WHO, he sounds like an echo chamber, bringing forth information that only suits their narrative. Why not focus on the fact that most people who got it recovered, like over 95%, the 391 people who died had other weaknesses that we should be fighting like diabetes, cancer, obesity, and other lifestyle diseases. What about natural immunity even the CDC came our saying it’s just as good as the so called jab/solution. But he continues to forward the garbage that comes out of these money making pharmaceutical organizations. All for the love of money.

  6. i dont know but i see this as a gimmick to introduce more covid to the island so when the numbers start going back up rapid the government will be in a position to say I TOLD YOU SO just so they can reimplement those protocols and hopefully have people to vaccinate above the standard vaccination rate


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