Minister welcomes help to collect guns

Minister of National Security, Victor La Corbiniere, has welcomed help to collect illegal guns.

“I believe that anyone who believes that they can make a contribution to bringing in firearms – that is welcome, but it has to be done  in a responsible way,” La Corbiniere said.

The minister was responding to recent comments made by opposition candidate for Castries South, Mary Isaac.

Isaac had recalled telling Faux A Chaux youth that when she wins the election, she will come with a bag to collect the guns herself.

She had declared that every candidate in every constituency will have to do the same.

The Minister of National Security told the Times:

“We have to be responsible in the statements that we make.”

Victor La Corbiniere said that the police have been doing a fairly good job in terms of trying to bring in the guns.

“We know that there are guns out there, still it is a matter of intelligence and ongoing work,” the Minister explained.

He said sometimes in the past there have been amnesties which have brought in a few of the illegal guns.

However La Corbiniere disclosed that it is an ongoing cycle.

“As much as you bring in guns, new guns are being brought into the country and are on the streets, so it is an ongoing exercise,” the Minister told the Times.

He asserted that good police work is necessary.

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