Ministry Expresses Condolences On Death Of Cassius Glasgow

Press Release:- The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports is deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of a well-loved Football Coach Cassius Glasgow. 

Coach Glasgow affectionately known as ‘Cassiboom’ embodied the true spirit of a sportsman by his selfless work with children and young people in the Marchand community and surroundings. His work positively impacted hundreds of families, schools and the football fraternity.

We have witnessed his humble countenance and passion throughout our interactions at the Ministry, as he relentlessly used sports as the best medium to promote peace and improve community life. Cassiboom led by example by making many sacrifices to ensure that children and youngsters are coached, mentored and engaged in football. 

He was strict on discipline and instilled principles and values that uplifted the community and brought out the best in his students and team. We want to highlight that not only did he coached students, but Cassiboom played an integral role in encouraging his students to do their homework, school work and aim for excellent academic results. His influence and exemplary work will transcend many generations.

On behalf of the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and by extension the Government of Saint Lucia, I would like to express heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, Big Players Club and the football community.

May the Lord bless and comfort all those affected by his life and work and even as we grieve, may our hearts be filled with wonderful memories and joyful times of Cassiboom.



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