Ministry of Agriculture Monitors Importation Of Meats

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by Anicia Antoine

The Ministry of Agriculture has increased the monitoring and surveillance of the importation of meat products to ensure conformity to public health guidelines and procedures. Travelers are advised to exercise caution and avoid transporting pork products, as they pose several animal health risks as diseases can be transmitted.

Animal Health Officer, Columbus Philippe, encourages the general public to obtain an import permit to ensure the product is fit for consumption and allows for the importation of meat and meat products with minimal risk to the animal and human populations.

“The risk is that the importation of these items may introduce foreign diseases into the country. It presents a very high risk to the animal health situation here.”

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Mr. Philippe emphasized the importance of public vigilance in the fight against African Swine Fever (ASF), which is on the rise in the Caribbean. The deadly viral disease affects domestic and feral swine of all ages. While it poses no risk to human health and cannot be transmitted from pigs to humans, its discovery in Saint Lucia would have a significant impact on livestock producers, communities, and the economy.

“The African Swine Fever can be very devastating to our animal population, especially swine. The presence of this disease can wipe out our entire population. So the more people that we have that can be vigilant the better.”

Persons are asked to contact their local extension office or the Veterinary and Livestock Services Division if they need further clarification on the correct protocols when importing meat.

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  1. Mi ! I am growing what I need and eat what I grow and it’s been not too bad. I recently brought six layers so know I have my own eggs. I don’t mess with the meats too much unless I know who’s selling it. There is one guy up in Grace I know this time of year he sells meat direct from his farm and his place is very clean all of the stiff upper Lippers and politicians goes there. Massy is just forever ridiculous from Chastanet Era right down generations of abuse St Lucian’s get from them. I just go in there to pick up a few minimal things when I run low and pay my bills that’s it.

  2. They are not even monitoring what is under their nose. All these governments care about is giving their FF a job and do not care how they carry it out. We are FIGHTING CLASS IN ST LUCIA. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE BETTER THAN THOS ONE kind of thinking.This is the public sector for you but always complain about their rights to the media when they are questioned.As far as I see there is no Bureau of Standards because too many get away with things in the eyes of authorities. If I had power I was getting rid of the big stale heads.

  3. About 2 decades ago I remember hearing on the streets warning people of how they prepare foods on the streets because the ministry of health would come after you or else prepare to close your shop because health officials were making their rounds throughout the city. Today, ministry of health do not give a damn about what their jobs entails. They just hide behind their jobs in offices. Take a look at the city of Castries for example and you will see how food is being handle in public. Do these vendors who sell meals have health cards, area look presentable, etc.? This week I was walking near the market by the coconut vendors and one of the female who sells coconut water was scooping the meat of the coconut(jelly) and placing in in clear bags with her hands. I was appalled. Non of them (men and female) was wearing a mask and the stall used to cut and trim coconuts looks dirty like a deteriorating stall at Deglos–dirty with black residue. Castries is filthy and the people who continue to do business there especially on Jeremie street near the CDC have no pride.

  4. St.Lucia has no standard what so ever..If you want to stay healthy please , please , please don’t rely on these joker in Government offices .

    Please try to use products that is closest to nature and in it’s natural form.

    You notice even in this so called pandemic, all that is push is vaccine not better life style changes or better health care.

    Most government official just copy and paste from what they see and hear from other countries

  5. @ Undertaker, thank you. there is NO PRICE CONTROL IN ST.LUCIA. NO STANDARDS and PRICES OUT OF CONTROL. You dont have to buy anything foreign in Massy store. the store overcharge you. Massy applies about 12 dollars extra on your bill with very little explanation. sometimes its close to 20 or more depending on how much you spend. I looked at my bill and they say vat is 12.5%. I dont know how massy calculates it and why i have to basically pay massy an extra almost 20.00, more like 20% added by Massy to the little food I buy. i have no idea, what item have the vat and which one does not. Massy doing what it want and we suffering. food is already so expensive. local tomatoes at massy cost 14 dollars. a few wings almost 20. this was long before supply chain problems. I have long asked that the government put in place the england style of calculating vat, all items on shelf that should carry VAT must have it in the price. massy is cheating st lucians who have very little every single day of the week. and the ministry of commerce and all its entities are just useless because we have no price control and standards in this place.

  6. There’s No Ministry of Health in St.Lucia .It’s Ministry of Death.No price Control it’s Price out of Control .Bureau of No Standard .Anything Goes in St.Lucia .It’s not under the Table it’s over the Table now

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