Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ministry Of Health Ministry Urges Safe Sexual Practices During Carnival

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Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health’s Infectious Disease Unit, Dr. Gail Gajadhar, has reminded the public to take care of their sexual health during carnival festivities.

She said during the carnival season, people are more likely to become impetuous. She urged the public to be prepared regardless of the circumstances.

“Carnival is a time when we find people are uninhibited, meaning they are more likely to do things they would not have done in other situations. There are different reasons for that, for example, alcohol use. Any substance that alters feelings and moods can affect one’s ability to make sound decisions,” she said.

“I encourage persons to be prepared and carry protection. If you don’t know your partner, ensure that you have protection so that if you find yourself in an unexpected situation you are prepared. Safe sex does not apply only to carnival festivities. It applies 365 days a year, and ideally you’re practicing safe sex because you don’t want to acquire any unwanted sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis.”

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Dr. Gajadhar said condoms are readily available, free, easy to carry and should be part of one’s safety package for carnival.

Source: Government Information Service. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. It is shameful when folk wants to engage in carnival with the SOLE INTENTION of being promiscuous. Folk you may make a sexual decision which will impact the rest of your life – diseases are still very much on the horizon – not withstanding – AIDS, MONKEYPOX, COVID VARIANTS, HERPES, ETC. ETC.
    As for me, none of this is worth it…..and never will.

  2. Those who want to make carnival about unsafe sex and being promiscuous, it is entirely up to them. There is such beauty and so much to admire during carnival. Personally, the level creativity displayed in the costumes, the parade of colour brought to the streets etc is one thing which I look forward to during carnival.

  3. Now you’ve been told, go have fun, act intelligently; don’t over drink the alcohol and know if its o.k. to drive, otherwise its no fun for years. Pray, morning noon & night.

  4. My favorite time of the year, better than Christmas. Every young sweet “brown sugar Poon”is a surprise waiting to be popped open. At carnival time there is less clothes to have to mess with to get at her goodies. Patience my girls, de big man coming down to add anudder dozen notches to de bed post.


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