Ministry Of Health Steps Up Measures To Combat Dengue Fever

The Ministry of Health here is stepping up measures to combat dengue fever, amid reports of a slight increase in dengue cases in 2018.

“For the year 2018, we did notice a slight increase in the number of cases, mainly in the latter months which do coincide with what we traditionally see,”  National Epidemiologist Dr. Michelle Francois said.

Francois disclosed that health authorities remain vigilant and continue to work on vector control strategies.

Acting Chief Environmental Health Officer Parker Ragnanan said the Division of Environmental Health will continue to work to fight Dengue by reducing mosquito breeding and the adult mosquito population.  

“We have stepped up our surveillance activity in terms of the house to house visitation and looking at breeding sites for the Aedes Aegypti  mosquito, because the Aedes Aegypti mosquito is the main culprit in the transmission of the Dengue Fever,”  Ragnanan  explained.

He noted that  the Division of Environmental Health has stepped up its surveillance and  increased the treatment for the mosquito larvae.

“It is the intention of the organization from early February to look at our adult mosquito population, and, as part of that effort, we are going to intensify the fogging operations throughout the island because fogging is really a rapid knock down of the adult population of the mosquitoes.”

Ragnanan also highlighted that the Division of Environmental Health will strengthen its community and educational programmes to sensitize Saint Lucians about eliminating mosquito breeding sites.




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