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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am

Ministry Of Tourism Denies Plans to De-Register Taxi Operators

The Ministry of Tourism has denied plans to de-register taxi operators.

The de-registration claims were made in a voice note posted on social media.

It quoted  tourism officials as saying  during a COVID-19 training session, that there is a new licencing regime coming in which taxi drivers will have to re-apply to be able to operate after meeting new requirements.

The voice note asserted that in essence, all taxi drivers are ‘virtually de-certified’ .

It declared  that they will have to obtain certification to operate when the gradual reopening of this country’s borders begins on June 4.

However the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism has made it clear that no taxi driver has been registered.

Donalyn Vittet told the National Television Network (NTN) on Sunday that on hearing the message, she spoke to the taxi union and some of the taxi associations.

Donalyn Vittet

She told NTN’s Lissa Joseph that there are a lot of fallacies and misconceptions that have been circulating regarding this country’s preparation for tourism and travel.

“We plan to try to solve as many problems as we can, letting people know that there is no measure that we are instituting now which is an attack on your livelihood – it is all towards ensuring the persons are remaining safe. It is all towards ensuring we tell the rest of the Saint Lucian public what we are doing,” Vittet

“If there are measures for taxi drivers – like there are measures for accommodation service providers and water based and faith based and restaurants and everybody else, we have to take that level of responsibility to welcome those measures and ensure that we work with the system for the safety of all concerned,” the PS told NTN.

Vitter disclosed that the taxi drivers have expressed a few concerns.

“We appreciate those concerns and we will have a meeting with them on Wednesday,” she stated.

The PS said the meeting will discuss what the concerns are so that steps can be taken to address them.

“No, not at all,” was her response when asked about de-registration of taxi drivers.

But Vittet answered in the affirmative to the question of certification being needed, as with all other establishments, in regard to COVID-19 protocols.





  1. There are Persons in St.Lucia who like to Circulate Too much Rumours .And Rumours are Very Damaging .

  2. Why should taxi operators register with the Ministry of tourism? What purpose does the registration serve? these people own a vehicle which is licensed and insured to get people from one destination to another. How does the Ministry of Tourism get involved in that? Are taxi operators getting free gas and tyres for their taxis?

    • Did not she say that they are not registered and what they are requesting is certification like all others operating during Covid-19.

  3. Awa what is going please people lets no misleading the people.Peace is better the country belongs to us Let’s hold hands and prayer today june 1 st hurricane season starts let’s pray our country save, take precautionary measures.🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨

  4. This is a blatant lie by the Ministry. Why all the lies? Right now only TX plates can work through an association in phase one . Noone with H plates can work. Also anyone with an H plate needs to submit a form for approval by the Ministry. Letters for proof of work are needed, health certificate, police record etc . Unless this is not done and approval given you will not be allowed to work. So isnt that de registration?? Why introduce this now when everyone is trying to grapple with loss of income?
    Where is the lie??

  5. Most of us with the “H” plate have our own tour business/company , we spend a lot of time and money in marketing this island “St.Lucia” some of us are not attach to any taxi association because the taxi association cannot provide employment for everyone neither can the government. While persons a sweating their butt out trying to provide employment for themselves and by extension others, where we don’t have to go and beg government ministers and politicians to put bread on our tables for our families, the government through its ministries is working against us, to prevent us from surviving, to frustrate us, to take from our mouths that which we have worked so hard to earn to give it to their allies and friends who already have. Miss Vittet you and your ministry need to stop hurting poor hard working people.

  6. What has the ministry of tourism don’t to protect St.Lucian in the tourism industry, foreigners are coming from all over the world into St.Lucia getting into taxi / tours taking from us the little cramps that are left. What is Miss Vittet and her ministry, the minister of tourism, the government is doing about it, “nothing ” . But now they want to put things in place to prevent us St.Lucian from surviving. In one corner of the their mouths they are asking people to find ways to be self employe while at the same time they are putting hands and feet together to take from you what you have worked very hard to achieve. I am calling all independent taxi drivers, all those with “H” plate, all small tour operators in St.Lucia to come together so we can stand our ground against this monstrous atrocities. We are marketing this island more than the ministry, maybe better the sandals, we deserve respect!

  7. In the seventies when a handful of Taxi Drivers were driving Tour Operators for the then Hon. George Mallet Minister of Tourism FREE of Charge to sell the Island, going to Soufriere and all Sight Seeing Spot so St. Lucia could be where it is today. Who needed certification ?Now those same Drivers are being pushed aside to give the Bacon to their chosen friends. Oh what blame Covid 19 is getting.

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