Ministry Official Suggests CCTV Cameras To Help Secure Schools

An Education Ministry official has suggested that CCTV cameras could contribute to making school environments safe, but stopped short of endorsing firearms for school security personnel.

“I don’t know whether we should arm our security guards – that would be for another discussion; but we have to maybe find a way to ensure that the environment in which the students are is safe,” Acting Chief Education Officer Rufina Charles told Radio Caribbean International (RCI), Wednesday.

She said it was ‘disturbing’ when schools become the target of burglaries in which resources meant to facilitate the education of children are stolen.

“This is about their own relatives and  their own children and we are trying to make life better, especially with the school feeding programme that they target a lot – the kitchens; taking away the frozen stuff, the dry goods and we need peace for the children because we  need the children to have a balanced meal,” the Education Ministry official asserted.

Charles observed that students need to be able to function effectively.

“When members of the community come in they are depriving the children of having a safe environment, depriving them of having a proper meal so that their instruction can also be effective,” she lamented.

“I don’t know whether we need to start arming. Maybe additional CCTV and those types of things so that we can  actually pin down those persons responsible for doing this,” Charles told the RCI Midday News Edition.

Just Tuesday morning a man described as being ‘demented’,  created panic at the Camille Henry Memorial School in Castries when he ventured onto the school compound.

He was eventually removed by the police.


  1. This is not the first time it happens at Ave Maria,the security guards were very good at that school.Maybe the school needs to polish up on the issue of having parents carry a plastic card to enter the premises,and having proper gate control,to stop strangers from entering,the school has two entrances on diffrent roads and a car gate,and that gate is a problem.Trouble allways happens during school time,and there has been a few,attempted kidnap of a child,abduction,removal of agresive person.More guards should fix the issue,dont need weapons,just imposing phisical presence

  2. You can put cameras all around all schools Now who is going to monitor all these cameras? how long will somebody take to arrive at the school to check what is going on? I think all schools need to beef up their security,and perhaps weapons have to come in during the night hours or on week ends,but for that you need trained personel witch many security companies dont have

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