Minors Start Fire At Dennery Home, But Good Samaritan Saves The Day

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Two children set fire among items on the verandah of a home in  Grande Ravine, Dennery, on Wednesday morning.

And if a Good Samaritan did not take quick action, the fire would likely have destroyed the building.

Residents identified him as Gillan Octalein.

The occupant of the house, Sophia Cole, told St Lucia Times that CCTV cameras recorded two boys lighting the fire.

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She identified the duo as each being below the age of ten and residing in the community.

She said they used a lighter to start the fire.

As a result, Cole said she has since spoken to the parents and made a report to the police.

“I was not home – I was at my shop,” she recalled.

But she explained that she went back home with someone who came to drop something for her.

Cole said she saw the Good Samaritan in her yard.

And she told St Lucia Times that she realised that fire had burned everything on her verandah.

She explained that because of the Good Samaritan, the fire did not do much damage.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service said the Good Samaritan put out the fire using a ‘bucket brigade’ before emergency personnel arrived.

“The fire was contained within storage items in the veranda of the top floor of a three
floor concrete structure,” Fire Service spokesman, Damian Jn Baptiste said.

Charred items

Sophia Cole said had the Good Samaritan not been there, she believes the house would have burned down.

“I think I lost about $7,000 in stuff. The fire shattered the window glass,” Cole disclosed.

She told St Lucia Times that the two young culprits are each aged 8 years.

“The mother of one of them is not in Saint Lucia,” Cole stated.

She also said that it’s not the first such act for one of the minors.

Cole said that youngster once set fire to a basket with laundry at her home.

“I don’t know why,” she said, adding that the child does “a lot of crazy stuff.”

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