Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas Crowned 2022 National Carnival Queen

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After putting on a consistent display of poise, confidence and elegance throughout the competition, Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas has been crowned Saint Lucia’s National Carnival Queen for 2022.

This year’s National Carnival Queen Pageant boasted several unique elements, with changes to the format of the show.

The question segment started off this year’s competition, with all of the girls asked the same question.

Miss WASCO, Nyambi Jn. Baptiste, came with a never-before seen talent for Competition, painting a mural during the segment.

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Additionally, Miss Caribcation introduced a power soca song to the talent Segment.

The results for the 2022 National Carnival Queen Pageant are as follows:

  • Miss Photogenic – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Miss Congeniality – Miss WASCO, Nyambi Jn. Baptiste
  • Best In Swimwear – Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas
  • Most Outstanding Talent – Miss WASCO, Nyambi Jn. Baptiste
  • Best In Costume – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Best Evening Wear – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Best Interview – Miss Massy Stores, Kejean Smith

The order of winners are as follows:

  • 3rd Runner Up – Miss Windjammer Landing, Kurnisha Augustus
  • 2nd Runner Up – Miss Massy Stores, Kejean Smith
  • 1st Runner Up – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • 2022 National Carnival Queen – Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas

After being crowned National Carnival Queen, Xenia Douglas said “The pageant has been very fulfilling, I enjoyed my time on stage and meeting my fellow contestants. During my reign I hope to spread the message of holistic health and wellness, physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Xenia Douglas will receive a 4-year scholarship from the Embassy of Morocco.

Source: Carnival Planning and Management Committee 

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  1. We must learn to be fair and honest. All the ladies were beautiful; however Ms BOSL Wise won fair and square. The girl is a natural talent and also very smart. You can win best dress, best swimwear, best interview, best photogenic and still not win overall. It’s a collection of votes from all categories and in my opinion Ms. BOSL Wise won the overall competition.

  2. g.w.. thats just people for you on a whole…..if you dont have the stronghold to believe in urself and dont care what ppl say then u will regret urself….people no matter what hold ur head up high criticisms will always come……many have gone thru it and survived be a survivor……i learn that because i realise you good they mashing u up u do bad they still mashing u up….so live in God’s eyes you you are special…..bless up.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t believe the judges are capable of making such a mistake. Someone please add the points again. The whole thing was among three contestants Chesterton Wasco and Massy in that order. BOSL was never in contention what a blunder

  4. Although I haven’t watched Carnival queen show in awhile but at least give the winners a trophy or flowers for winning a category– a sash for winning is the prize! Geez.

    • They have stopped giving them the trophy to hold on stage, but they do get all their prizes after. Plus all participants received partial scholarships this year.

  5. My two favorites were on top. I loved Miss Massy Stores interview. I must make an Honorary mention to our local version of Cardi B, Nadege Miss Caribcation. No matter what she did, the true, laid back personality just had to pop out.

    I need someone to extract her talent piece, because I need that song. She brought something new which we have seen in Trinidad and St. Vincent. She is as raw as they come.

  6. One person won 3 of the 7 categories and she didn’t win? The winner worn only 1 of the category. I guess she placed second in all the other categories.

  7. boy let me tell you this, no wonder so many of us are backwards alot cause of criticism. I was looking at the comments people wrote on choice face book channel where this was live and if you not strong after these comments you dont want to do nothing constructive with your life again. messay it was brutal


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