Miss World Announces 2021 Semi-Finalists

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Press Release:- On Friday January 21st , 2022, the Miss World Organization (MWO) announced 40 semi-finalists for the Miss World 2021 Contest; the finale of this competition is now set to take place on March 16th , 2022.

The Finale was postponed on December 16th , 2021, due to concerns about “the health and
safety of contestants, staff, crew and the general public” in relation to a COVID-19 outbreak within the MWO camp.

At the time of postponement, the 97 contestants were required to return to their home countries.

The official statement from the Miss World Organization released on December 16th , 2021,
read: “After meeting with the virologists and medical experts hired to oversee the Miss World 2021 event and discussing with the Puerto Rico Health Department, the decision has been made by the organizers of the event to postpone the globally broadcast finale.”

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The 40 semi-finalist comprises the 15 winners in the Fast Track Challenges and 25 contestants selected by the judges. The final list is Argentina, Bahamas, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cote D’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Guinea, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

The 40 semi-finalists are required to return to San Juan Puerto Rico to participate in the final competition.

MWO has indicated that the remaining 57 countries will be featured virtually, during the broadcast of the Miss World Contest on March 16th , 2022.

Events Company of Saint Lucia would like to recognize and thank the National Winner -Miss
Tyler Theophane – for representing so well throughout her reign as Miss Saint Lucia World
which commenced on May 23rd , 2021.

Miss Theophane has shown remarkable endurance and tenacity throughout her 6-month training, leading up to the competition and during her stint in Puerto Rico from November 20th , 2021, through to December 17th , 2021. She was well reported on by her fellow contestants and the organizers of the event.

CEO of Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. – Lorraine Sidonie says: “We are very proud of Tyler and what we have accomplished through this engagement. We were able to achieve and exceed the key objectives which included: creating a wider scope of opportunity for Saint Lucian participants in our national pageant through participation in international pageants such as the Miss World Contest. We believe such an opportunity allowed for the inspiration and empowerment of our national winner and encouraged her to achieve her personal best in all areas of endeavor through self-development and training; a model that will now be used for all our future contestants.”

Mrs. L. Sidonie went on to explain that Saint Lucia’s involvement in pageantry at this international level, elevated the brand of Miss Saint Lucia and by extension the Saint Lucia
destination brand and product through a robust six-month marketing drive across mainstream and social media, which amassed thousands of followers, views, likes and shares for the Miss Saint Lucia brand and destination.

“We sought also to add greater value and brand equity to Saint Lucia’s pageant with a view to elevating the brand positioning for all associated stakeholders, sponsors and partners including our sister agencies; whilst optimizing our visibility on the international stage and in so doing promoting the culture and tourism product of Saint Lucia.”

The benefits realized as a result of the ‘Beauty with a Purpose (BWAP)’ project, which was a key requirement of the Miss World pageant was also cited as one of the many advantages coming out of the engagement.

The BWAP project undertaken by Tyler, Events Company of Saint Lucia, in collaboration with the Social Services Division of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports and Local Government saw the building of a home for Miss Jessica Gaillard of Soufriere, who has two challenged children and therefore must spend
all her time taking care of them.

Several local businesses and state agencies provided invaluable support to this project.

These include Invest Saint Lucia who donated approximately 5000 sq ft.of land for the build as well as providers of building supplies, services and monetary contributions: Lara’s Construction, True Value Building & Hardware Supplies, Brice & Company,
FDL Consult Inc., Saint Lu Metal and Plastics, Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products. Construction services and technical support are being provided by the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) through KAW Construction and St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF).

The official completion and hand over of the house is set for end February 2022.

“We remain eternally grateful to Tyler for leading that charge and to our staff, industry experts, sponsors and partners for their invaluable inputs and dedication to the process. We thank the public for its unwavering support of Tyler and Events Saint Lucia. We especially thank our parent ministry and the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information for their continued guidance. On behalf of our country, we wish the 40-semi-finalist success at the Miss World 2021 Finale.”

A number of key experts assisted with Tyler’s preparation for the Miss World Pageant:
 Lydia Theobalds, St. Lucia’s 1981 Carnival Queen worked with Tyler as her Manager.
 Tamara Gibson and Roxanne Didier also assisted with pageant preparation.

 Natalie Jolie-Fanis and Tracey George of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College helped
withelocution and Spanish language classes.
 Creole language classes were handled by Jason Joseph.
 Darlene Monrose, Kenson Hippolyte and Irvine ‘Ace’ Loctar assisted with talent.
 Roger Constantine of Fitness Fusion handled fitness training and nutrition.
 Make-up and hair styling expertise were provided by Beat Envy and Hair by J’s Haven
 Fashion Bloc provided Tyler’s clothing for her various public appearances and events.
 Touch Therapies provided spa treatments.
 JAEYLU ATELIER designed Tyler’s gown and costume.
Major sponsors of the Miss Saint Lucia World engagement include:
 Mr. Maher Chreiki and Baywalk Condos – the Official Residence for Miss World Saint
 Massy Stores Supermarket and Massy Home,
 the Wave Radio Station who hosted the “Talk to Tyler” radio program,
 FLOW who provided mobile, cable and internet services,
 Duty Free Shoppers supported through their Bare Minerals makeup line
 and St. Lucia Electricity Services donated towards the electricity cost at the Official
Residence for Miss World Saint Lucia.
Strategic partners include:
 Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) responsible for destination marketing,
 Export Saint Lucia – provisioning of Miss Saint Lucia World branded merchandise
through international exporters Harris Paints, St. Lucia Distillers and Choiselle Specialty
 Citizenship by Investment Saint Lucia (CIP),
 Cultural Development Foundation (CDF),
 Sir Arthur Lewis Community College linguistic training,
 and Dermalogics Aesthetic Clinic – provision of aesthetic remedies including laser

Events Company of Saint Lucia extends sincerest appreciation to all partners and sponsors who made this journey possible and once again extends heartfelt gratitude to Tyler Theophane and wish her all the best in what will surely be a bright & productive future.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Six months ago he said the Government was broke, broke, broke; who has spent more Tax money than him? beside the rent freeness for the tenants in the C.D.C. was the government really broke or was that just a smoke screen.

  2. About throwing good money after bad. Jufalli sent a group half way round the world, in Dubai in search for investors. He just likes spending money. It cost St. Lucia $1.5 million. what did we get out of that – nada. (he is not done with you) that’s the holy trinity for you.

  3. Why do we even spend so much money on these things when we know our people never stand a chance? What benefit to country is this? Wasting money on a pipe dream when we don’t have what it takes to compete on the big stage nor are we willing to put in the effort to do it. This girl never stood a have and she was out before she even began the journey. Smh

  4. As an individual I commend her for “trying”. As a nation I am disappointed that so much money time and effort was put into this. From this article an easy 3 million dollars was spent. Just imagine if that kind of mullah and support was places behind an elite athlete….a swimmer …a football player…a high jumper….a sprinter….infact this can boost an tire basketball programme….an entire volleyball team….what a waste! Priorities are twisted even in 2021/ 2022.

  5. She never stood a chance, stop giving these young women false hope and expecting them to meet these standards. No one cares about these shows anymore. Outdated. Many of the contents from these shows are highly talented and have been exposed to the best of the best. Jumping up in a carnival costume is not a talent.

  6. All that money spent for what? This money could have been put to better use. So many needy people and youth who need training and real opportunities. Furthermore, St. Lucia doesn’t need this shallow pageant for marketing. We are still pretty well known without it.

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