Missing Grandfather Found ‘In Good Health’

An 87 year old grandfather reported missing from his home at Bocage in Castries, has been found alive  and appears to be  ‘in good health’, relatives have disclosed.

He is currently in hospital undergoing medical checks, according to reports.

Ignatius Eugene, who suffers from dementia, had last been seen in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

His disappearance prompted a frantic search by concerned relatives and the police, including a contingent from the Special Services Unit (SSU).

Eugene was found Wednesday in the Forestiere area, a relative told St Lucia Times.

A relative told St Lucia Times that the 87 year old was covered with grass and had a swollen arm.

“He was very cold and wet,” the relative said.

“He was in good spirits. He was speaking – very alert.”

The missing man was found by a young male, the relative disclosed.

It was reported that the area where the missing grandfather was found had already been searched before.

However the relative surmised that the senior citizen may not have heard those who were searching for him and calling out.

The young man who found the missing grandfather said he was calling out to the older man who answered him.




  1. Please ensure medical protocols and treatment plans are in place for your family members with dementia.
    This is a chronic disorder of the mental processes due to brain disease, injury marked by memory disorders, changes in personality and impaired reasoning.

    These folk need to be monitored 24/7 because they can cause injury to self or others…due to inability to reason and function normally. Thank God he was found alive …not please care for him.

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