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Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 5:51 pm

Mon Repos Businessman Succumbs After Shooting

Mon Repos businessman Andrew Joseph has succumbed to his injures at St Jude Hospital, sources close to the family have revealed.

Joseph died Monday evening after 6.00 pm, the sources disclosed.

He was wounded on Saturday evening when two armed bandits attacked the minimart he operated in Mon Repos.

The 76 year old proprietor of Andrew’s Minimart  was shot in the lower abdomen during the the robbery and was rushed to St Jude Hospital.

The attack on the senior citizen has been greeted by outrage in his community where residents say he was known as a very helpful individual who extended credit to many.

Sources told St Lucia Times that the bandits who robbed his business place escaped with some petty cash.

“A few coins,” one irate individual familiar with the incident said.

On Monday law enforcement officials said that two individuals had been assisting them with investigations into the armed robbery.



  1. I really hope obeah makes a strong comeback. If the justice system won’t hang them, then….

  2. Wow. How did it get to this st lucia? All these robberies and shootings. Lives of these hardworking innocent people brutally taken away. Poor man innocently shot while making a living and has passed away. These criminals must pay. Kill an innocent man for some coins/petty cash. So heartless. Hope they never see daylight for the next 20 years when they lock them up.

  3. Lets hope the guys they have are the ones to blame for the killing .Then after that we are going to pay attention to what the courts do . Dont feel threatened judges , we the people are just checking your actions , we need the right justice and nothing else .All criminals have to pay for their actions.

    • Yes, all criminals have to pay for their crimes! The problem is that those at the top commit crimes with impunity. Corruption is a crime. As distructive as any. People need to acknowledge that fact and treat it with the scorn it deserves. All crime is connected! What we se now is people at the bottom following the lead of the people at the top, trying the get these too.

  4. I’m probably one of many who is expressing that the death penalty should be back to hopefully deter the useless In society who take innocent lives because of crimes like this

  5. Pa co lo judgement day are come for you and your boys. I hope you live happily ever after. And that bastard Z*** shouldn’t be hiding. You cowards are only strong behind a mask. But vengeance is mine says Allah.

  6. Lord i pray that God gives the family strength and courage and may the gentle man R. I.P.P it is very disturbing and sad to hear of all these Crimes taking place back home. Lord i pray for peace and unity for my Country.

  7. It’s very sad that these good for nothings don’t want to work but instead rob. May the elder RIP and may his blood remain on their hands and I know they will pay and suffer greatly for what they did.

  8. Miss Mary, didn’t this hard working man had the right to live? speak, say something, let your lazy fools hear you!

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