This Monday begins process of applications for municipal elections

RNV: Tibisay Lucena, Chairwoman of the National Electoral Council, reported that this body begins this Monday the process of nominations for the municipal elections and for the governor of Zulia state, a journey that will be held jointly in December.

She also stressed that the elections for the Governor of Zulia state will be made in December in conjunction with the municipal elections; on the other hand she recalled that the cut of the Electoral Registry will be July 15, same registry used for National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and the regional ones, the activation of the regional Boards will be made next Monday, October 30, with the same board members.

“That day we will initiate the training and we will have the opening of the system so that the political organizations begin to load the nominations of the candidates”, adding that: “the applications will be presented on Tuesday and Wednesday that come to the respective Electoral Boards” .

Finally, she pointed out that the positioning of the candidates on the ballot will be made nationally on November 7 at the CNE headquarters in Caracas, and in the regions on November 8

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