Friday, September 30, 2022

Mondesir Criticises Parole Hearings, Says Saint Lucia Not Harsh Enough On Criminals

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Former Home Affairs and National Security Minister Dr. Keith Mondesir, asserting that Saint Lucia is not harsh enough on criminals, has criticised the second round of parole hearings that concluded recently at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

The parole board is due to deliver its verdict in the case of three inmates who are serving life sentences.
In a historic move in December 2020, the board granted early release to two male inmates who had served 20 years of their sentences for murder.
But Dr. Keith Mondesir declared that both the timing and the decisions in those matters are wrong.
“In my opinion murder is one of the worst crimes that any human being can inflict on another and for you to tell me that’s the example that you are going to set to control crime?” He said.

“You have to send a strong message in the society that this is wrong and the puishment will be harsh and brutal. The reason why in Saint Lucia we are not progressing in crime is because we are too lenient in the panalties,” Mondesir told St Lucia Times.

The former Minister had previously suggested no bail for anyone caught with a weapon, whether gun or knife.

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In addition, he has supported a mandatory minimum penalty of twenty-five years in jail for gun crime and a maximum of fifty years with consecutive sentencing in the case of convictions on multiple charges.

Local officials have said that the parole hearings are in keeping with international practices, but Mondesir told St Lucia Times that’s ‘hogwash’, declaring that one size does not fit all.

In this regard, he observed that each situation is unique and pointed to the example of the United States, where some states carry out executions, and others don’t.

“You have to look at your situation in Saint Lucia,” Mondesir expressed.

Saint Lucia has so far chalked up a record 74 homicides so far for this year.

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  1. I agree with Mr. Mondesir. This only allows the criminals to do as they please knowing that they can be free in 20yrs time if apprehended. What about the deceased and all the pain caused to the families of their loved ones. It hurts me to hear that there is so much opportunity for criminals to be reformed back into the society. Such nonesense that needs to stop. Let them rot in jail.

  2. This is kind of thinking is obsolete and has not worked. People have the ability to change behavior. The possibility of parole is an incentive for individuals serving long sentences to reform. Society needs to embrace reformed individuals and give them the opportunity to rejoin society and become productive, contributing and law abiding members. This is basis of criminal justice reform.

  3. Imagine the RSLPF had a raid in shanty town on Wednesday 12/22/21 They gangs had a tip They coming for them ..before the arrival of the cops they moved out you tell me who is watching the cookie jar

  4. the criminals have friends in high places. the fellas know that this is not chastanet time. so they doing whatever the heck they want. no on can stop them. this is the reason why criminals should be prohibited from running for office by law. monkey see. monkey do.

  5. Bring up DCA Board member’s who allocated approval of a 99 year lease of donkey and secret beach, also DSH land approvals and Piton Land sale to $ store Canadian.Smph

  6. Thats Why there’s so much Crime in St.Lucia .What the Relatives of the Decease have to do aa soon as the parole Board grant their Release Deal with them on their arrival into the Community

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