Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mondesir Praises Initiative To Stop Gun Violence In Soufriere

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Former National Security Minister Doctor Keith Mondesir has lauded an initiative to to stop gun violence in Soufriere, by getting rival groups to make peace.

Mondesir spoke on the heels of a meeting on Friday organised by the office of the Parliamentary Representative forĀ Soufriere/Fond St.Jacques, Herod Stanislas.

Dubbed an Anti-Violence Peace Treaty Meeting, it involved rival groups in the Soufriere community, a religious representative, the police, community leaders and others.

A statement issued after the gathering declared that members of the different rival groups pledged to the meeting that they would put an end to their dispute and work together.
“You have to now follow it up,” former National Security Minister, Doctor Keith Mondesir, told St Lucia Times.
He explained that the police have a crucial role to play in the aftermath of the peace initiative.
“I would be advocating to these people that we would be having a lot of community policing,” Mondesir explained.
He expressed the view that the police should regularly be at locations where trouble makers frequent.
According to Mondesir, there may be talk of peace currently but in a few weeks the law breakers might be back in action again.
“We must keep them busy,” he stated.
Mondesir stressed the need for a relationship to be developed between the members of the rival groups and the police.
“They must tell them ‘We are advocating community policing’ and this is one thing we need in a country like this where we don’t have a lot of resources,” the former Minister told St Lucia Times.
The MP for Soufriere declared after the ‘peace treaty’ meeting in his community that the gathering was not a ‘done deal’.
“We will continue to monitor and do everything within our power to ensure we do our best to bring some sort of normalcy back to the town,” Herod Stanislas asserted.
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