Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mondesir Urges 24-Hour Police Patrols In Crime Hotspots

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Former National Security Minister, Dr. Keith Mondesir, asserting that police officers should stop driving around and pound the beat, has rejected claims of human resource constraints in urging twenty-four-hour police patrols in crime hotspots.

He said there’s a need for more boots on the ground.

“Look they just gave them any amount of vehicles. They’re driving too much in my opinion. Policemen are driving too much. They are all in vehicles all the time. So get them on the beat,” Mondesir told St Lucia Times.

“They have enough manpower in my opinion. We had less manpower a few years ago when I was Minister and we reduced the crime rate back to 35 percent in six months. It’s not the manpower. It’s not what you do but how you do it. So how you use these men in my opinion will give the result you’re looking for. You can put ten thousand soldiers and they’re not doing their job. They don’t have a plan they don’t have a guide,” the former Minister asserted.

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And while urging the round-the-clock police presence in crime hotspots, Mondesir advises that officers should also interact with community members.

“Community policing is key,” he declared.

“That is where they are going to get all the information. Scotland Yard is not getting information from the sky. They’re getting it from people. And the reward if you have informants has to be attractive and the police must have the skill to detect when the informant is misleading them,” Mondesir told St Lucia Times.

In this regard, he stated there should be ‘special judgement’ for officers who spill the beans on informants.

Mondesir also reiterated calls for severe penalties, especially for gun crime.

In addition, he spoke of the need for the police to work with schools in identifying vulnerable students who criminal gangs may recruit.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that such initiatives would not wipe out crime completely.

However, the former National Security Minister explained that they would reduce it.

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  1. Beat and Patrol is 24Hours of poilcing. The Hours are 7am To 3pm. 3pm to 11pm and 11pm to 7am .I don’t know Whether Beat and Patrol have been abolished in the Rslpf. The city of Castries there’s The Following Beats 1and 2.3and 4 and Beat 5 Marshand .Presently there’s a police at Marshand. Years ago Beat and Patrol was Very Difficult it was 6am to 2pm for 5days and 1day off. 2pm to 10pm for 5days
    10pm to 6am for 5days .But it was Modified to an easier Duty Rooster 7am.Its just Bad Management and Supervision

  2. @Mr Mondesir, I am not knocking your ideas as such but to make such a suggestion of 24 hr surveillance/patrols of crime hotspots in Saint Lucia is not physically possible.

    To note, the Top COP make it clear that the RSLPF was lacking man power and equipment so that already would throw a spanner in the works to say the least.

  3. I support boots on the ground in crime hot spots and 24 hour surveillance. However, school administrators and teachers should not be identifying troubled kids to police. This is not the job of the police. School counselors and social workers should be helping students make better choices.

  4. My guess is that people down there in VF villages want to talk and are dying to talk and also can point fingers to exactly wher so n so livin and what they about in VF ect… but they terrified bc of so many dirty communications, there needs to be a venue for voice outlet for the people suffering under these gangstas control and manipulation down there and this could be a voice for the voiceless children as well! The question is how are you going to make that happen St Lucia? Create an anonymous WhatsApp where phone numbers are not shown to the group members and all messages only go too 1-2 Top Cops! And than those officers delegate duty,, responsibility, scale of emergency immediately! I also agree there should be A lot more foot, bike patrol all over the island!

  5. Brave and wise words … BUT … but, but, but, the “powers” will claim they do not have the finances for Mondesir’s suggestion. The usual excuses.

  6. I hate to say this – but it appears that crime is soaring and folk are afraid to get involved. Some of the police officers are afraid for themselves and their families safety. I believe that St. Lucia needs assistance from elsewhere at this critical stage.
    Remember your economy depends on tourism and news travels regarding safety in the islands.

  7. Some very useful ideas which others have been preaching for a long time. There has not been a will or a serious plan to defeat criminals. There is a belief that throwing money at problems overrides strategy. If there’s no money, then the job can’t be done.
    The blame lies mainly on the political parties for not addressing a serious problem in its early stages. Like everything else, another case of lax maintenance- like the roads and others. The police force responsibility in all of this is more visible. Wasted manpower is easily observable. Non-enforcements in everyday interactions are noted. If I were a decision maker, I would have employed a more forceful manager for the force. A chance to eradicate the dead wood and hangers-on. The organization is in dire need of a clean-up. Keep the go-getters and young persons who are highly motivated. While the inepts are in the force, they demotivate and impose their values on young influential personnel.


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