Mondesir Urges Health Minister To Go Undercover To Victoria Hospital

Former Health Minister, Doctor Keith Mondesir, has urged the current Minister of Health, Mary Isaac, to go undercover to Victoria Hospital to witness first hand what persons have to endure in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Speaking Monday afternoon, Mondesir told St Lucia Times that he was at the department where he witnessed a woman in her seventies who was discharging herself after having to wait over a period of three days to see a Doctor.

“She is going to her home and going to Tapion Hospital,” the former Health Minister explained.

Mondesir said although there are good nurses and other staff at Victoria Hospital, the situation there is bad and needs to be addressed through the provision of adequate manpower and resources.

Asked for an explanation, a senior health official said that in the Accident and Emergency Department also offers a primary health care service.

“These are the two services that we have in Accident and Emergency,” the official told St Lucia Times.

“We have a doctor for accident and emergency around the clock,” the official explained.

But the official disclosed that in primary health care, the doctor comes at 8.00 a.m and  leaves at 4.00 p.m, while another comes in at 4.00 p.m and leaves at midnight.

“So if you are seen in A&E and you are not an emergency, that means that you have to be seen by the primary health care doctor and depending on the time that you come there, if the doctor in primary health care has left at midnight, then you have to be there at 8 O’ clock the next day,” the official said.

“We can do one of two things, stay to see the doctor until eight the next day, or you can choose to go into the community to see the doctor.”

However the official explained that the mere fact that tests would have been done, means that a patient  would have to wait to see the Victoria Hospital primary health care doctor the next morning.

It was also explained that if nothing was happening in the Accident and Emergency Department in terms of emergencies, the A&E doctor would see the patient even if it is after midnight.

“As long as there is no emergency happening, they will take care of you in A&E as someone who is referred to primary health care,” according to the official.

Earlier, a photo, said to be of a young female patient who had collapsed in the A&E Department while awaiting medical attention, was posted on social media.


  1. It’s not the staff there ! Senior citizens Should have a special care service at the hospital! All hospitals in the world have their points for procedure.From filling insurance forms to get service to being treated to the extent of your illnesses ! So it’s tire there is much needs for improvement but Mr . Mondiseir this problem has been there for years!

  2. What a disgraceful island what a shame to be a St Lucian I was born in a hungry poor country where most people earn 4:25 cents an hour

  3. Mr. Mondésir, are you not honte? This is a donkey years situation, at V.H., you were there recently; what did you do to improve it? Now you are calling on the NONE health minister to do Something about it! what a dread situation!

  4. Sue sear ,hold ur ****** ****,u ashamed of being a st.Lucian ,da country poor and hungry ,,,lowlife,,.u en want to be de
    re get out of here

  5. But that’s not a new problem this thing have been there way before you mondesi was minister of health why don’t you just tell the people you want to contest the stat in ur area for labour

  6. Something needs to be done immediately to improve the healthcare system . Mr. Mondesir may not be the right spokesman but people’s lives are at risk. When a political party is newly elected to power the electors did so with the expectation that they will outperform their predecessors. We don’t live in the past. This present government, truth be told, has messed up badly, especially crime and healthcare. The SLP was voted out of government because the majority of the electorate were dissatisfied with their performance, rightly so. The incumbent government is a colossal disappointment. They are just a lot of empty rhetoric and no substance.

  7. Health Minister, Mary Isaac is another one who needs to go, not doing anything for Health Care, this whole administration is a waste of time!!!

  8. Our health care really sucks. The worst i have heard about and thats a fact. Its sad thou that all the present government is focused on is tourism whiles our health care is of rhe worst. Sad situation.

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