‘Monkey’ Charged For Stealing Customs Officer’s Gun

Police have arrested and charged Francis Lalanne alias ‘Monkey’, in connection with the theft of a gun belonging to a female Customs Officer.

Police spokeswoman, Anne Joseph, told a news conference Tuesday that the Customs Officer’s vehicle was broken into and the weapon taken.

Joseph explained that the firearm was among five recovered by the police within a period of 48 hours.

She said the Customs Officer’s weapon was recovered on Sunday after police officers went to a location in Corinth, Gros Islet.

Joseph said the officers from the Gros Islet station conducted a search on Lalanne when the firearm was found.

Lalanne, known to be a repeat offender,  was charged with possession of the weapon and ammunition and theft.

He has been remanded in custody until August 27, 2020.

On Saturday in Gros Islet,  a police patrol along the Rodney Bay main road recovered a .380 Taurus revolver with four rounds of ammunition.

Police say they found the illegal weapon and ammunition during a search of a vehicle.

It’s five occupants:Jean Claude Leonce, 20, of Trouya, Gros Islet,  Stephanie Poluis, 20, of  Riviere Mitan, Gros Islet,  Tyler Mc Donald, 23, of La Feuille, Gros Islet, Danis Stephen, 26,  of La Feuille, Gros Islet and Saric Leo, 20, of Monchy, Gros Islet, were all charged for unlawful possession of the firearm and ammunition.

They were remanded in custody until September 9, 2020.

In Babonneau on Sunday officers  arrested Kiever Melius, a 35 year old resident of Garrand, Babonneau after a patrol searched a vehicle and found a .45 pistol with three rounds of ammunition.

Melius was charged and a bail application is pending while he remains in custody at the Babonneau police station.

Marigot police charged Gavin Jn Baptiste of La Croix Maingot  with possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition after detaining him on Saturday.

Police spokeswoman Anne Joseph told reporters that Jn Baptiste was searched and a 40 calibre Smith and Wesson pistol, plus a magazine with two rounds of ammunition were recovered.

Officers on patrol in Marchand, Castries, found a 9 mm Taurus pistol in a ‘public area’ on Saturday.

No one has been arrested in connection with that discovery.


  1. Here is a chronic offender who generates more work for the overstretched police. There is no “3 strikes law” in St. Lucia so he will be out soon enough. In many countries, judges can sentence habitual offenders to longer terms than their actual crime(s). Do we even have such a law on our books? At this point, we can conclude what “Monkey” and many others think about our system.
    We need to quit the blather and put bite into the system.

  2. Not to divert from the actual offence here but a licensed firearm should not be left in a vehicle. Is his firearm not supposed to be on him? It is not a toy. It should not be left in a car. This is a reckless act on the officer’s part.

  3. I just hope that That Lady is not Reissued with that Weapon .She Should also Be Charged for Negligence .They want License Firearm Just to Show off and the Genuine persons are not Granted a License.A Taxi Driver was arrested at Babonneau For posession of an Unlicense .45 .I want to see if He will be Hranted Bail.when all persons arrested with illegal Firearms are Remanded at the prison .If this is Done the Attorney General Should Revoke the Duties of that Magestrate or Judge

    • Yes the Customs officer was negligent to leave her firearm in her vehicle. Her firearm licence should be revoked pending a hearing.

  4. You’ ll asking the wrong question. All law enforcement knows the how and why he goes in come out . Just find the hypocrites want to shift the blame to the judges and court. Acting commissioner you don’t know how he keeps coming out . This god damn country just too corrupt . If the heads corrupt how the a** you’ll expect to have a decent citizenry. One thing I guarantee this country the more corruption the more balls your criminal element becomes. And to all of you’ll doing s*** behind the scenes , it coming to all of you’ll doorstep………what you in the dark will always come out in the light……. repent you corrupt bastards. Monkey when they release him again , he will still do more. Oh yes they will release him again……

    And these people are suppose to be examples to the youth. They are doing more crap than the youth then you’ll act surprise when the yutes with guns . The average youth can’t manufacture guns or bullets.

    I dare the acting commissioner , The minister of justice , prime minister , Dpp, attorney general. Tell me how **** NATO rounds are on the streets. Please explain?????? But I ain’t going to hold breath , no can ever be held accountable in this septic tank, that is environment we live. Can’t even ask religious leaders , another set of rapist and embezzlers.

  5. Crime all around us. Was just on fb and I could not believe some of the comments on there endorsing the behavior of THE ROGUEst minister in our history. People like MInerva Ward MVONDO. Ain’t that the same woman that was in bed with the SLP last year? Oh oh forgot the African just used and DUMPED her so it’s now Minerva Ward. That woman has slept with nearly every man in the SLP and now she jumped ship. What a total WHORE!!!!

  6. Having a fire arm license is first a serious responsability,you are supposed to carry it on you at all times.No leaving it at home unless you have a vault instaled into some concrete structure,were it can be safely kept.You dont park your car and walk of leaving your weapon in the car,this action has a price.Monkey should be kept in jail for a couple of years,but we all know how this goes.A flying piece of metal could change all this equation,its my personal thought.But its the end of this problem,and society will celebrate,that justice has been served in a kind of way

  7. This Monkey, must swing from a tree. To swing He don’t get to use his arms, he get to use his neck! enough already!

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