Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monkey strikes again; back in court for stealing

St Lucia Police have charged Francis Lalanne aka “Monkey” for the offence of handling stolen goods.

Law enforcement sources tell St Lucia Times that Lalanne was caught with some laptops that was stolen from motor vehicles at Pointe Seraphine where persons went to visit the Logos Hope on Friday evening.

He is expected to make an appearance before the First District Court in Castries today in connection with this incident.

The fifty-one year old Balata resident was granted bail in July on a charge of preparing for commission of a crime, contrary to section 80 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia.

That charge arose from a police operation on Wednesday, June 28 at Balata during which 26 vehicle keys, 2 alarm remotes and 68 key tags were recovered.

Lalanne has also been charged with theft after he was accused of breaking into a vehicle belonging to a senior civil servant on June 21, 2017 and stealing an iPad.

He appeared in court last Friday October 20, for a sufficiency hearing on those two charges. The matter was adjourned to January 2018.


  1. This damn gorilla, needs to have a GPS collar strapped around his neck so the cops know where he is. Not an ankle bracelet, a collar so that everyone can see when this ape is out in public.

  2. Why was the matter adjourned? Maybe the judge,lawyers someone important had a lunch date.I am willing to bet my left arm that it’s going to be adjourned again in January.

  3. he would make a lot more money getting in safes,laptops only good for heavy metal in them,lot of work to strip computers down,

  4. Very lazy don’t want to work, thinking somebody, owed them something.
    Yes! Where I am got crimes, because of all of the above, and remember dreams are scattered in the wind, without any ? money, you can get to any university, a lot of them don’t want that.
    It’s an illusion to, think you could get ? money without working for it.
    Stop watching ? Television, and go back to School, stop! Copying violence on your Screen.
    Your Government should ? step in and, removed such programming, from the Television, make it very expensive, so that some people won’t use that, to commit crime.

  5. That monkey eh giving up.whats wrong with shameless with this behavior.he will make someone hang him by the tail he doesn’t have. Chief voleh

  6. He have the right name, he just like the government ministers stealing, before tryout him in jail put the Victoria Hospital thieves in jail too

  7. everybody leave the monkey alone ain’t nothing wrong with collecting car keys there plenty of them laptop to go around monkey used to be janitor like sound of lots of keys on key ring.

  8. human rights they say heard his name firsto in the early nineties thought we was a ninja he terrorized the whole north cap estate etc his sentencing in his early day made him master his solution use those guys to solve crime

  9. The man still doing crime at 51 years old. He will never learn. Lock him up in Bordelais and throw away the key.

  10. In front your mother house u getting it monkey! U Kno how much ppl u leave crying already, ppl who still paying for their vehicles, choops. Just don’t feel it cold, u can’t hide in Corinth u *******.

  11. To me mate had a job fixing the road . saw him on the road working. maybe he was scoping out people cars to steal as he worked. Fast money is more attractive I suppose but the price is higher.

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