Monkeypox Declared Global Health Emergency By World Health Organisation

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The head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a “global health emergency”.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference that despite the WHO committee being unable to come to a consensus, he declared the emergency anyway as the tie-breaking vote.

He added the risk globally is “moderate”, except in Europe where it is “high”.

Dr Ghebreyesus said there had been more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox reported to the WHO from 75 countries, and five deaths.

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The declaration by the WHO is designed to trigger an international response to the outbreak, which could unlock funding and vaccine sharing.

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  1. “Boom bye bye in a batty bwoy head. Bad man nah promote dem nasty man fi affi dead!”- Buju Banton. Poke-e-mon go get your poke-e-mon monkey 🐵 pox vaccination! And after you get your poke-e-mon vaccine then your already immuno compromised system will not handle the mutation that is coming after this monkey 🐵 pox! LGBTQ+P Community want their gay rights, well then the devil want his rights to bring down as many souls to hell too!!!! The battle for souls is ON….. starting with the LGBTQ+P community! Good luck to all you bum bum boys!

  2. These lunatics and psychopaths WILL face justice for their crimes…..hopefully in this lifetime, but definitely in the next!

    • I know many may say they’re not “boolin9” so they don’t care but what if one of y’all women (because we all know some women sleep with different men on the island) sleeps with one of those men with monkey pox & then sleeps with you? 🤔 Dem Foreign fellars that playing they always in the gym, that undercover that most likely will spread it fast because they sleep with both men & women.

      • I am in agreement with you Wisely. Studies have shown that over 90% of infected are fellas who have relationships with other fellas. So, right now it is mainly a “boolin9” problem.

  3. Yawn. Slow news day.

    By the way, the correct pronunciation of Monkey Pox is with a silent ‘k’.

    The New World Order agenda will eventually fail.

    Evil, lies and deceit can only go on for so long. We will not fall for this scam.

  4. Tedros stated that “this is an outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners.”

    Why is the media ignoring this important bit? Are we going to lock down the world and destroy economies for gays? Are we supposed to be forced to receive vaccines because of what gays do?


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