Montoute Says Ganja Law Reform Process Not Dead

Acting Prime Minister Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has told reporters that the process of ganja law reform in Saint Lucia has not died.

“I know for that matter that cabinet has identified one member to specifically deal with the matter,” he said at a pre-cabinet news briefing Monday.

According to Montoute, Minister of Commerce, Industry, Enterprise Development and Consuer Affairs, Bradley Felix, is that cabinet member.

“So progress is being made. Progress has been made,” he declared.

The Gros Islet MP asserted that he supports  the move to review Saint Lucia’s position in regard to cannabis.

Montoute noted that he continues to advocate for the expunging of the criminal records of young people who have been charged for marijuana use or were caught with ‘a stick or two’ of the substance.

“I intend to pursue this until it happens,” he declared, adding that he knows that he has a lot of support in cabinet.

“I think we would like to see that expedited. I think we are taking a little too long,” Montoute told reporters.

The Acting Prime Minister spoke against the backdrop of a hard hitting statement last week from the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, Andre ‘Pancho’ Decaires.

Decaires accused the Allen Chastanet administration of disgraceful, unprofessional conduct in relation to moves towards marijuana law reform.

He observed that his patience is running out after some three years, while other Caribbean countries in which marijuana reform was not an election campaign promise as in Saint Lucia, were making progress on the issue.

Montoute said he had not heard the comments by the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement and so did not want to refer to them.



  1. Spider you smart.. you talk fast.. this issue can cost your government their next term in office.. wait and see.

    • Which one of the 2 will cost the government the election? decriminalising or keeping it illegal? If you think it is such an issue within the public, don’t you think the government should take its time.

  2. Call it how you want; just remember this: This plant can do good to your body, but it can also be harmful to your brains as well to your body! selfish people! spider, Pancho and the rest, think about it!

  3. Ganja, a derogatory name given to a plantby ignorant simpletons for a plant that represents a multi-billion dollar industry. Stay deh still. watch and see foreign companies monopolize the cultivation on island. Stay stupid.

  4. According to google, Marijuana’s placement in Schedule I did not happen in a vacuum, historians note. Overt racism, combined with New Deal reforms and bureaucratic self-interest are often blamed for the first round of federal cannabis prohibition under the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. I applaud those islands that have moved to decriminalize marijuana. Too many of our young Black men have had their lives unnecessarily destroyed because of its illegality.

  5. Stark contrast in the advancement of the movement =
    in the USA ” The state of Colorado collected billions of dollars in revenue from the cannabis movement”
    in the Caribbean ” 5 men were found in possession of 1 kilo of a green substance and have been remanded to prison”

    To those who still doubt the ongoing oppression of our people and the coercive tactics by economically- terrorist nations like the USA to enslave each other over things that are clearly acceptable over there, I say think twice. Why are we still living in the past? Shame on our lawmakers- are lawmakers and politicians in other countries much smarter than us? HELL Fing NO! So why not Regularize + legalise!


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