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Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am
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Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am

More Deportees Heading For Jamaica

Jamaica Observer:– ANOTHER group of deportees from the United States (US) is slated to arrive in the island next week, adding more pressure on the Government which is already struggling to find quarantine facilities and money to house Jamaicans returning home amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Jamaica Observer sources yesterday confirmed that the deportees, estimated at 40, are now being processed in the US in preparation for the flight, which historically has taken place on the last Thursday in each month, but could take place as early as next Tuesday.

“We are not sure about the exact number, but right now we expect 40, and the day for their arrival is still undecided, but we are preparing for Tuesday,” a government source told the Observer.

“They will be housed in a Corporate Area hotel for 14 days as part of the standard quarantine process for persons re-entering the island, but it will not be the same one that was used for the set of deportees from the US last month,” added the source.

The US last month deported 46 people to the island, the first return of Jamaicans from overseas after the country’s borders were closed by the Government on March 24.

At that time the US Embassy in Kingston declared the deportees would have been tested for COVID-19 and would not be deported if they were ill, “as the health, safety, and well-being of detainees in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody are among the US Government’s highest priorities”.

But after they arrived one member of that group tested positive for the virus.

Since that time the US has seen a steady increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and the number of people infected who have died.

Yesterday, data compiled by Johns Hopkins University showed the US COVID-19 death toll approaching 100,000, with more than 1.58 million people across the country infected five months after it recorded its first case.

Before its latest update yesterday evening the Ministry of Health and Wellness had reported that, up to Thursday, Jamaica had recorded 529 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 234 cases related to the workplace cluster in St Catherine; 50 imported cases; 206 cases who were contacts of confirmed cases; 26 who were local transmission cases not epidemiologically linked; and 13 who were under investigation.

With the US numbers at scary proportions, Observer health sources yesterday expressed fear that the latest group of deportees could increase the number of imported COVID-19 cases in Jamaica and questioned the wisdom of continuing to accept them.

Before the arrival of the deportees last month Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang argued that Jamaica had no choice but to accept the Jamaicans being sent home from the US.

He said then that the Government would divert funds from other areas to deal with the quarantine of the deportees.

There was no official word from the security ministry up to press time yesterday on the latest group of deportees heading to Jamaica’s shores.


  1. States is taking out de trash. Them Jam’cans jump off they island like flea’s off a dog. Now they back, hardened thugs.

    • You don’t even seem eloquent enough to even understand this article. Do you know what a flea is or a trash?
      Well let me educate you, a trash is laying next to you in ur bed and a flea hmmmm if u look in your mirror at home that’s the clearest picture you will ever get of one. You paleface is like the ancient days poty that my grandparents use to keep under their beds to pass waste at nights.

      • Early morning laff, look insult. I agree with u Contectw. How dare you, insult the Jamaican. We dont know as yet if America will be deporting Saint Lucians.

  2. You are more hungry you nasty slimy ****. Without them fleas u can’t eat u piece of underprivileged trash. By the way there isn’t enough news in St Lucia for you to stick to you own kind…all you haters will drop and die because unu ago tiered fi si wi face.

  3. The Jamaican government has no choice, Donald hold the handle Jamaica hold the blade..if JA said no Donald will cancel every politician VISA in Jamaica..

  4. That sound like black mail to me , at this time of crisis. Trump is waste of human race , and beside immigrants don’t like immigrants that’s a fact , look at trump family from the UK

  5. It’s a very shameful thing to see and read about the numbers ofJamaican keep getting deported from the United State….. what’s wrong with these people’s this’s very disturbing Jamaican with this Coronavirus pandemic situation going around the world and to be being back theses people’s to there home land very disturbing…..

  6. I don’t understand why the UN haven’t interviewed by now on the subject of human rights of deportees and of stepped up to end this process and give deportees a vioce to defend them selves. Also the supreme Court should interview on the legality of the injustice going on. Why is nothing being done by polititions ect opposing goverment decisions people have rights and thier being violated

  7. Can the Leaders of the Caribbean join forces and say NO to America.
    Like China and India. Just saying!!

  8. A negative deportation from USA can prove a positive welcome to Jamaica. All that has been learned (work skills etc) & earned from USA can be transferred positively to Jamaica. Once these people are proved to be COVID-19 negative, there is opportunity for some to seek employment with Food for the poor charity / building homes for the poor in Jamaica. God will bless Jamaica.

  9. 1. Jamaica has a treaty with the US to deport wrongdoers. 2. Regarding deportees, they are usually given “rights” and appear before an immigration judge prior to deportation, usually represented by a govt attorney. 3. We r not sure why these r bring deported, but some allegedly have committed crimes and if they are here illegally, its worse. 4. Knowing a bit about the US system, the govt must treat all potential deportees by the rule of law, and if found guilty by the immig.judge and they exhaust all legal maneuvers, if they have the resource, they are headed for deportation.
    5. A word to the wise: the US immig system has changed drastically over the yrs – by Congress, it does not matter ehich country u r from – i.e., the UK frequently deports all types of people – flights mostly leave at nights. So wrongdoers beware: if u break the law and u r in “illegal status” u will be deported, and the shame is when human beings have to hide their face and cover their heads and the stigma of returning home because u think u are so “bad” u treat the US system like ur little country that also feels the shame u brought on them.

  10. Jamaican are just a target all over the world everyone pick on us but keep your head up cause no one own the world god do make god bless you and stop try to prove your self to mankind

  11. Instead of us constantly shooting our fellow brothers and sisters down, if we learned to pull as unity, we would be amazed how we can make our beautiful Jamaica. I still have Hope’s.

  12. Please we are all human, 👈disrespect our jamacans brothers and sisters…. anything can happen to anyone in this life 👍…… please watch the word’s that comes out of your mouth 👍….MR R MS PLALE FACE…kmdt

  13. When you travel to other countries you must follow their rules and conduct yourselves properly. In the same way you cannot visit a friend’s house and break their house rules, the same thing applies to visiting a country.

    I must say this to Paleface and the other persons who are discriminating against the the Caribbean people – Jamaicans in particularly – be careful of what you say because a lot of American tourists who visit these various other countries are just as trashy and the only difference is that they are treated differently. They come to the Caribbean for vacation and rip off the people. Some of them even recieve the service and when they go back home they chargeback their cards say they did not receive it and I think that is also a criminal act.

    When Donald Trump is done with separating the United States from the rest of the world and taking you all down in the gutters, your little heaven might not be anymore and you might wish you were in the Caribbean so watchout.

  14. Face it, under this US regime, the gravy train has come to a complete stop for those that came and decided to squat on US soil. If all they did was squat, they go unnoticed. But oh no de Jam’can must assert them self. Usually in a criminal manner. Many more where this load of deportee come from, many many more. I know of many Lucians dat disappeared from NYC. off hiding in smaller places i guess. We will get our share of free loading bruda’s & sista’s back, just you wait for it.
    And all you bleeding hearts back home, you all prepare you self for when the white american ready to bother flying to come stay, spend and revive our economy. Can’t happen soon enough.

  15. Deport Dem bomboclaat! I’m Jamaican in Florida and trust me There are far too many Jamaicans living here! Either we deport them or some of them willingly move out of the State to somewhere else! Alabama! Tennessee!

  16. 0see the crime rate in jamaica they can not do the same a forin and get away me come a england in 1967 .14 years boy me now 68 years old before me mek.kick me out me a go clean dodo fe get money they come a farin and the first things them want is a big BMW nothing wrong but work honest for IT

  17. Omar Williams why don’t you be the one to move to Tennessee or Alabama? Because it seems a you own Florida KMDT. You’re such a selfish mo********* . I hope all your papers are up to date, and you’re walking the straight and narrow. Most of these person they are deporting have their green cards. Until we black people stop beating our own brothers and sisters down, we will always stand divided.

  18. If you’re not a criminal and been deported I hope you have the mental strength to deal with it and God help you just remember you’re home the land of you birth God bless

  19. ……well boy it’s unfortunate I am not knocking anybody we have our own soon come back here too Canada and elsewhere and it’s a strain on resources in this time of covid everybody struggling some more than others in the Caribbean St Lucia Jamaica the clock reset everybody struggling.

  20. Omar Williams the us Government needs to deport you as well. Why don’t you remove urself. you own no right to this country or state. You are such a a** **** looser

  21. Nice Humanity we got here! I am a United States Citizen, A Veteran Of The United STATES NAVY and some of my family are Jamaican ! ONE is a LPN and another A CNA! Front Line and have therefore served this Country Also ! I. Am not Red and not Blue ! I AM ALSO A Citizen of the World !

  22. When the Jamaicans immigrate to another countries, they never know how to be apart of any communities. They break the law and think they can get away with it.
    Shame on all who breaks the law….. Every country has a right to do as they please.


  24. This is horrible there are no pure white Americans anymore if you keep digging. And this is not nice last I check the blood that runs in your vein in every culture is still red. The only difference in us all is skin and language please be nice.

  25. People should worry about them selves and quit the judgement it is not just Jamaica it is all over and people are not nice they think they can do whatever but let me tell you guys This is Gods Country we live on his time

  26. The energy we put in this failed state. We need to figure out how we can invest that energy in our birth place. US ain’t shit. All an elision.

  27. Any foreign national can be deported whether you’re citizen or not .It a matter of what type of crimes you were convicted for

  28. Its not hard to live a crime free life. Matter of fact, it is easier than living on the opposite side of the law. Being deported is a process. You commit a series of criminal activities, you are caught and jailed. Then you go through the immigration court system and deported. It doesn’t matter if you have a green card or not. These people believe they can get away with stuff if the have a green card. Nobody gets deported for being good. They don’t behave in Jamaica, or anywhere else for that matter. These grown men and sometimes women must realize that being a citizen who is
    positively contributing to society, is actually a good thing. Not only in the US and Jamaica, but everywhere. May God have mercy on Jamaica. Our country will never improve if we refuse to call a spade, a spade.

  29. Wrong Kelly! Do some research and verify the accuracy of your sources. If you were born elsewhere and become a naturalized US citizen, and you committed certain crimes such as those which are egregiously against humanity, you can be deported. That is why up to 90 year old German born US citizens are deported when it is found out they were involved with the Nazis.

  30. A naturalized U.S. citizen CAN be deported. If a naturalized U.S citizen commits a very serious crime, or deliberately enters materially false information on his citizenship application he can be deported.
    An American born citizen cannot be deported.

  31. PALEFACE: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  32. Why don’t YOU make it one less Jamaican living in Florida and YOU move to Alabama or where ever the **** else. I notice when some of us Jamaicans go to the state’s unnu nuh waan si no other Jamaicans where unnu deh, like unnu a ******* Christopher Columbus . B**** get the **** outta here. Ah unnu guh discover web unnu live?

  33. I just have one question; why so many who claim to be Jamaicans come to our news site in St Lucia? what you all doing here? Anyways, there are some good people in Jamaica and I appreciate that. But there are to many ghetto elements in that country who participate in criminal activities inside Jamaica and go to other countries with their same bad behaviour. Some dirty Lucians are also catching up with them thru doing same dirty habits. Staying away from those people when you go to a country is the only way you can protect yourself . because if you dont do that, people start thinking you just as bad and nasty as they are. No sense of morals in them, just pure crime. so guess what? now your ahses are now deported for criminal behaviour.

  34. …..St Lucians are not catching up and don’t blame Jamaica for their bad behaviors we have our own set of rug rats that goes over seas and do the same especially in Canada and England a lot of St Lucian youths get mixed up and it has nothing do with Jamaicans look how some of them are carrying on in Castries… just last week look a the video that showed how they behave towards the police…look at what went down on Grass Street and we want to talk about Jamaicans (choops) yu’ll must be crazy we have our own problems we are no better.

  35. It’s typical of negro’s to not hold their own accountable for their actions. But instead, hate the establishment and law and order and condone the actions of criminal blacks. Perpetual victims who can’t show an ounce of personal responsibility. Deport the criminals back to their respective shit holes. Well done Mr Trump.


  36. First and foremost not everyone who gets deported is involved in criminal doings some have just over stayed their time and got caught or were there illegal without documents ICE is working overtime….. many St Lucians have fallen in this same trap that’s why so many went up there ever since and can’t come back because they are out of status I know of so many who have left their decent homes and jobs here and are doing nothing up there living in peoples basement because they don’t have papers but rather stay there than to come back home in shame.……. and when Trump spoke of shit hole country the term and reference meant any Black Countries so St Lucia is a Shit Hole too. The likes of you need to jump off something tall…..anything a 1000 feet and above just take a nose dive and vacant the earth.

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