Thursday, August 18, 2022

More Foreign Employers Seeking Caribbean Workers

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Caribbean Employment Services Inc., a market-leading online talent acquisition service based in Barbados but operating throughout the Caribbean, has noticed a marked increase in the number of international employers seeking to hire Caribbean workers.

This comes as some international industries are facing labour shortages amid the Great
Resignation brought on with the COVID-19 pandemic and its dramatic changes to the
traditional workforce.

Labour market shortages have been particularly severe in the United Kingdom. Hence, why it has not been unheard of for international employers to recruit Caribbean talent, it comes as no surprise that this would be even more so the case now.

Over the years, many Caribbean nations have had international agreements with
governments or other organizations to facilitate Caribbean workers.

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It should also be no surprise given that Caribbean immigrant or temporary workers are frequently regarded as among the most high-quality and hardworking, despite local public opinion among some countries to the contrary.

In one of the latest international recruitment drives, a Canadian employer is seeking to
provide St. Lucians with job opportunities in the meat processing industry.

Vermax Group has partnered with the government of St. Lucia for the initiative, and is calling for qualified applicants “who are desirous of gaining employment in Canada as industrial meat cutters”.

A statement from the government specified that there are no restrictions on gender.
However, it did not confirm how many positions are available nor did it provide details on the length and terms of the contract.

“Persons submitting applications must be between the ages of 25 and 45 years old, and
must have at least 12 months’ experience in the meat or poultry processing industry,” the
statement read.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. has seen and also posted similar positions on its job
board site,

We note that late last year, another Canadian employer was similarly seeking Barbadians to
work as meat cutters. Even that recruitment drive followed a Farm Labour Programme
initiative for 20 Barbadians to work in the United States.

Just this year alone, and especially in recent months, several of Caribbean Employment
Services Inc.’s clients based out of the UK have been seeking Caribbean natives to live and
work abroad.

Another of our clients, a Jamaican national operating a recruitment agency out of the USA,
likewise reported expanding operations and seeking Caribbean workers to fill any labour
force gaps.

It is our mission to connect hiring managers and HR professionals with the highest caliber of Caribbean talent, and also to connect Caribbean jobseekers with their dream job. As such, we will continue to provide Caribbean workers with the best employment opportunities not just in the region but around the world.

In light of the increase in international competition, we would encourage Caribbean natives
to seek the best opportunities for themselves and their families.

At the same time, we would also encourage Caribbean employers to be mindful of how they treat their employees and jobseekers, who could at any moment opt to take advantage of opportunities abroad instead.

Source: Caribbean Employment Services Inc.

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  1. @ #SLP out … Loool. You nailed it!
    Hilarious He-Liar should greatly consider this opportunity too. He can take his Land Rover with him one time

  2. Saint Lucians kindly urge Pierre, King, Fredricks and all other SLP ministers to please consider this opportunity. Take a loan to purchase your tickets out of this country and let Saint Lucia have some economic peace. Fredricks will need an extension on his 3-day visa, FYI

  3. Thanks @Jay. My advice to people who want to check this out is to have a relative or friend meet you at the airport. Also try to stay with someone you know or travel with money for a motel for about a week or two while you find out what these jobs are all about. Protect yourselves, because most of our governments will not make a big effort to find you if God forbid something like this happens to you. In fact these human trafficking rings are usually run by prominent people on both ends.

  4. While I am totally for opportunities abroad, we need to thoroughly investigate these people before jumping ship. Many people are lured by human traffickers under the cover of recruiting for employment abroad. I watched a documentary a few days ago about some young people from poor Eastern European countries who thought they were leaving their country for jobs in England and Canada, but it was just a trap. The recruits were paid and the human traffickers were waiting for them at the airport.

  5. In a St. Lucia where it appears that unless one has a political relative or close friend, just can’t get a 1/2 ass job. If white man come bearing gifts, beggars can’t be choosers; take my advise, these opportunities wont always be there; there are millions of humans who don’t speak a word of English, who would kill to get one of these jobs. Take what the Lord has for you today, tomorrow is another day.

  6. The situation is subject to all t if debating. But that bearing said the market it pretty much lucrative. Since our Lucian people don’t want to work in agriculture here but they leave this soil and go rose where to do same and left je like slave in a barracks

  7. Many St. Lucian’s find any excuse not to work. Many times in life, we have to take jobs that we get, while waiting for what we want. We need to ignore what the employer is getting and focused on what we are getting. The employer is in the business of making a profit… that’s the nature of the game. I have done honest jobs that were below my qualifications. I did them while paying my tuition. I also got smarter performing those dead end jobs. One needs a starting point to succeed.

  8. meat cutting and farm work and house help. no professional jobs. better do those things in your own country. look like a poverty trap.


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