Wednesday, February 19, 2020

More Generators Urged After Saint Lucia-wide Outage

Saint Lucia businessman Everistus Jn Marie believes that more backup generators are needed on the Island.

Jn Marie spoke after Saint Lucia experienced a total electricity system shutdown Tuesday.

The shutdown began at 7:55 am and power was completely restored at 10.13 am, according to the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC).

LUCELEC blamed the outage on a major internal fault at its Cul de Sac station.

” The fault triggered the protection systems at the power station, resulting in a total System shutdown,” a statement from the power company said.

The matter is currently under investigation.

Everistus Jn Marie, who said his petrol station has back up power and was not affected, described Tuesday’s shutdown as an unusual situation.

“LUCELEC is known to be a very reliable supplier of electricity,” the former President of the Petroleum Dealers Association told St Lucia Times. 

But he explained that as an essential service, Jn Marie Petrol Station has ensured that it can continue to meet the community in the event of a power outage.

“In times of disaster – especially things like hurricanes, you cannot afford not to be able to supply the community with fuel,” he explained.

Jn Marie expressed the view that other businesses that provide an essential service should ensure that they have backup electricity.

He made specific mention of banks.

The Saint Lucia businessman also spoke of certain public institutions such as hospitals and  government departments.

“We can’t take these things for granted. As good as LUCELEC is – probably the best, if not one of the best and most reliable suppliers of electricity in the region, we are in difficult times with the issue of climate change and these things cannot be taken for granted and you can have disruptions,” Jn Marie asserted.

In September last year, Saint Lucia also experienced a total electricity system shutdown.


  1. I was visiting St. Lucia at the time of the September island’wide outage. The root cause of that outage was also ascribed to a faulty transformer in Cul de Sac. A poatmortem was to follow. Why hasn”t LUCELEC been able to eliminate this single point of failure in CdS?

  2. There is a company coming to Saint Lucia in a few months that is selling solar and wind products for residential use, that may well be the solution that will change the dynamics of electricity supply. Being reliant on fuel based generators for situations like todays outage or indeed hurricanes and other natural disasters just causes greater concern and stress as they require maintaining the actual power source and connection.
    We are blessed with hours of sunlight, why are more people not taking advantage of it.

  3. Customs charges you very high to import essential items on the Island . we talking about fighting crime customs charge me $3000 for my home surveillance system I paid $175 us for . ppl have to realize customs high rates prevents economic development . cistome is only for the rich …especially those in view fort ordering lots of stuff and paying nothing at all …

  4. You want to run generators in your house all day every day.Go to a shrink please.You have no idea what that will cost you.But there are many other options,sun, wind,the cost can be very heavy to get all the parts put together.

  5. I believe when you built Cul de Sac,you said that we had our problems solved for 30 years,well we are nearly there.Time we start another Cul de Sac,because we have grown a lot in these last 20 years.

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