More Than a Body

Disclaimer: I’m not against wanting to look good and certainly not against wanting to be healthy

(From contributor: Woman in World) If you haven’t seen it then you’ve heard it. Maybe you’ve felt it or perhaps smelt it. The abundant obsession with a body, and just to put it into perspective, a dying body. A great plague which eats at our souls. The victims? It is no respecter of persons and sweeps across race, country and religion. However, I dear say that, even today while we are so aware and knowledgeable, this is especially haunting our young women, it always has been. Men are however definitely not excluded.

Beauty products and Fashion are multi-billion dollar industries all selling the idea that a woman’s worth is based on her appearance. Don’t tell me that you haven’t bought in it because I’d bet that in some way you have. Make-up, clothes, cosmetic surgery, you name it and we spend money on it. Is this a new thing? Not really, but with advancements in technology and beauty standards being promoted more aggressively over social media, I believe it is something which is becoming more intense.

Gym body? Being physically healthy is certainly something positive but is that really your goal? I will suggest that it has more to do with a flatter stomach, a bigger behind or some other “enhancement” you think will add value to your look. Another day another diet. I promise you that very soon it will be “unhealthy” to drink water. It is all well and good to want a balanced diet but people, do we think we can somehow eat or way into immortality?

Representation is important and there’s no time like now but again so much “representation” is about physical appearance. For some reason we have a burning need to validate the way we look. I guess it’s human nature. That is understandable because people don’t always get to see what’s truly on the inside as they do the outside. We can always hide our inner ugliness very well and at will. So what is my point?

My point is that there is so much more than meets the eye, literally. I urge you to take some time to consider a few things.

How healthy are YOU?

Not your body, which is a part of who you are, but your mental and spiritual well-being. Do you invest time and energy in maintaining your mental faculties, expanding your knowledge and learning new things. You certainly should not neglect your spiritual life. Who can deny that we are spiritual beings? There is much revelation to be made there.

Who are you beyond what you and others see?

Take some time to evaluate your life apart from your physical appearance. One of my favourite quotes (author unknown) is “If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?” Don’t get me wrong, life is not about impressing people but this gets us thinking about the positive qualities we possess (or the lack thereof) which are not linked to appearance.

How much time do you take to develop your inner beauty?

We often desire in some way to improve our bodies and sometimes we go as far as making goals and working assiduously towards achieving them. We prepare and plan for our appearance more than we would admit but what about our inner beauty? We should be able to identify shortcomings in our character and work just as hard towards improving them and becoming a better person.

Your value is as presented

If you buy a piece of jewellery because of its outstanding beauty, chances are that if this beauty fades, the jewellery will be of little to no value to you. Consider whether you really want to place so much emphasis on your appearance which is so fragile and fleeting.  If you attract interest solely by the way you look, I can assure you that once you are unable to maintain it (and most likely you won’t at some point), the interest will leave as fast as it came and so will your value in that situation.

The entire speech at your funeral “It was a pleasure looking at her, she was so beautiful, RIP”