Moses Jn Baptiste Accuses Government Of Dividing Country With New COVID-19 Zones

Declaring that another bad decision of a vindictive United Workers Party (UWP) government has been exposed, Vieux Fort North MP, Moses Jn Baptiste, has accused the administration of dividing the country with the creation of two zones amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“Today, the UWP has actually divided our country during this pandemic into North and South, with police checkpoints,” Jn Baptiste wrote on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“Covid-19, a ravaging storm on a deadly mission, continues to expose the incompetence and vindictiveness of the UWP administration on a daily basis. It is as if, no one could escape and no fancy talk can be used to hide or export the evidence of incompetence of the government,” the Vieux Fort North MP asserted.

He noted that  the Administration Complex Project in Vieux Fort was designed to create intimate access to critical central government services in Vieux Fort.

According to Jn Baptiste, Dr. Kenny Anthony always reminded Saint Lucians of the frequent isolation of communities to services during a disaster.

“The North and South of the island, disconnected often, because if our unique topography and road network. He actually spoke thoughts to that effect during the sod-turning ceremony for the Administration Complex,” the former Agriculture Minister recalled.

“The examples keep coming everyday, vindictive decisions coming back to bite in the backside!” Jn Baptiste declared.


  1. Well well well at a time like this brainless power hungry politians, make me feel don’t want to vote for my party.Man take a back sit for now shame on you give up a month salary to take care of poor people in your consstinicy smh…

    • Hoho Bravo….U Couldnt Have Said It Any Better…

    • Oh no not again, I think election is due sometime in mid to late 2021. Right now the world is dealing with an unprecedented event, one according to the experts might have the world shutdown until summer best scenario or until March 2021 worse case scenario and someone like you that have constituents looking up to you can come up with such garbage at this time. Why don’t you encourage others to protect themselves. The best way of doing so is to stay at home. If persons would just listen I’m sure there would be no need for zoning. Grenada has about 6 zones, every parish in Barbados is now a zone to prevent the movement of people are they being divisive too. Remember we are told the virus don’t move we move it. I know you are more sensible than those comments or have I judge a book wrong by its cover.

  2. Another washed-up politician seeking relevance.
    Stay home, wash your hands, practice social distance.

  3. Really those opportunists don’t know when to just shut the #^@^#&#&# . Moses please have some dignity and resort from this mindless diatribe on your part. Use this time to reflect and not come across as a hungry dog after a bone.

  4. Well…well…welll….division in your mind and modus oporundi…..can you all for once just all the PM to do what ulis on the best interest of the country and not move the virus around…one day u will understand…if u have nothing to say then shut the cup up

  5. Ok baptist which is worse?a division of north and south or a division of SLP and UWP….your ranting is baseless u big idiot.

  6. Moses no offence your statement and arguement is just gsrbage. Stay in your zone ..wear a mouth mask… stay off social media…read the bible ..and spend some time wi5h your wife.

    • Take a break. From your balcony, enjoy the fluttering butterflies, admire the beauty of the trees and look outside with admiration. Soak it all in. Above all, be quiet.

  7. Moses, when you read that piece you just wrote, I know you can see it doesn’t make any sense.

    So basically what you are are trying to say to people you think have no mind and can’t think for themselves is that Allan is gleefully rubbing his hands together (insert evil laugh here) and saying “Yes, thank God for Corona, I will divide this country” (insert evil laugh here again).

    You used vindictive and incompetence to describe the decision, maybe incompetence or lack of experience to some degree might be accurate but being vindictive, come on, you know that is not want you actually believe.

    Tell me, what would YOU and YOUR party would’ve done if you were in the hot seat?

    The last time the world faced a pandemic was in 1918, NOBODY alive can tell you want to do BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD. Of course basic common sense should prevail for some things.


    You see, you would be making decisions based on what YOU think is best UNDER THE GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES WITH THE LIMITED KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE of the given situation. You honestly would be giving it your best shot just like Allan is doing right now.

    You’ll think you’ll smart, election around the corner, so you’ll MO is post these nonsense so you’ll can score points.

    You’ll probably glad is UWP that is in the hot seat during this time and not you’ll. Because you’ll would leading a nation during a pandemic that has never been experienced this in recent times.

    So Moses my advice to you. Take a back seat PLEASE. Ain’t nobody got time for that. OR go and call Trump, the USA might need your “valuable” advice.

    Please and thanks.

    • This is political mischief to it’s core and I would rather comment on the foolishness of the statement but I need to ask Musa what would a government with him do in these circumstances.
      Cause if my memory serves me correctly I recall during the 2008 world Financial Meltdown his then leader was asked how would he handle such a crisis and his humble answer was it’s the most opportune time to be in opposition. So I wonder if you or your party could have done any better.
      We also need to consider that this is new to everyone, every country. Never before has the world been shutdown like this. We are virtually at a standstill. No country can help each other cause they all need the help themselves (Cuba and Taiwan are helping us and some other Caribbean counties) with very few exceptions. So most leaders are trying to fight this through trial and error and as such mistakes will be made. So use your bright ideas to help us not destroy or further divide us.

  8. Is this an attempt at a joke or is this guy actually serious? With people like that leading us or wanting to lead us, no wonder we are in such trouble as a people. That’s the argument an illiterate idiot would make. Someone who don’t understand world’s event, current issues, English, Creole and has poor processing abilities.

  9. This statement is pure nonsense!.. at best irresponsible! Sending the wrong message out to the masses who are already widely ignorant and ill-disciplined. Our leaders need to do better!

    Is the opposition that power hungry that they would rather promote chaos that could cost lives than promote what’s in the interest of safeguarding all St. Lucians. The Vieux Fort North MP knows better! Shame!

  10. What a shame on miss as a leader is that all. U can contribute u idiot we can right through u now u hungry political animal.I actually was looking up to you and I am so disappointed man all you see is politics in this had times where ppl lives are at risk .why can ‘t u encourage the ppl to stay in their zones all u looking to do is put conflict on the ignorant ppl that’s really stooping low as a human being u so hungry for power common man its a shame on you all u thick about is elections not your ppl as an alp supporter u just lost my vote that’s how dissatisfied. I take your comments.the best thing u can do for your constituents is forgo your salary and feed ppl to repair the gabbage you wrote I wish all the best in opposition forever hope your ppl see right through you and you lose your sit u idiot smh.

  11. I only respect a politician who proposes a better solution, not a politician who seeks to undermine an existing one. If you cannot come up with a better solution, the best role for you at this time is to encourage your people to obey the law and provide them with the many ways that will help them to remain safe. After it is done and over, then you guys can criticise the government as much as you want, but right now is not the appropriate time for this.

  12. The man is 100 % correct. Was. There purpose VF complex not intended to provide essential government services for the folks in the south in times like these yes or no ???? I expect nothing less from yellow jackets of their party dismal failures more to come we only in April just now.

  13. I really hope Phillip Pierre orders musa to quarantine his tongue and to write 500 lines that he will never do that again.

  14. Oh come on Mr Jn Baptiste!!!

    Instead of reinforcing the message to your constituents to STAY HOME and WEAR YOUR MASK when venturing outdoors – this is what you are purporting? SHAME!! Give a positive and reassuring voice to your “people” instead of YOU spreading negativity and division! (You ARE doing it!)

    In case you have missed the mark … THIS IS A PANDEMIC!! Which does not discriminate in party colour, race, social status, etc. This is a GLOBAL CONCERN!!

    The onus is on YOU!!! Now please do your part with a positive attitude.

  15. Further Mr Jn Baptiste, as an ex Minister of Agriculture, you should be advising your supporters (or St Lucians on the whole) to start growing their own little vegetable and provision gardens in their backyard (or wherever), since St Lucia just might be facing a food shortage, due to the current climate of the GLOBAL pandemic. That should be your role, instead of spreading needless division and negativity.

    C’mon Mr Jn Baptiste, time to be proactive.

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