Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mother Announces Vigil For Son Killed By Saint Lucia Cops

The mother of a seventeen year old who was killed by Saint Lucia police last month, has announced plans for a vigil in his memory.

The vigil will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Joanna Joseph told St Lucia Times that the event will be held on Chausseee Road in Castries in the area where her son, Arnold Joseph was killed.

“We are going to be starting at 5.30 p.m,” she explained.

“We’re just asking people to come out in their red shirts and their candles,” Joseph said.

She disclosed that there are plans for a walk to the George 5th Park and tributes from people who were close to the deceased.

“Just stating who he was, because what is happening via the internet is that everybody has their own views about who he was; so we need to clear the air for me and my family to have a little peace,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

She said her son’s friends and others who knew him want to come out and show their support.

Asked how she was coping her response was that honestly, she does not know.

“I don’t know. I don’t have an explanation for my feelings. I am just trying to do what I have to do and take it one step at a time.”

Arnold was the first of Joseph’s two children.

On the issue of pursuing legal action, Joseph said she was waiting on the police.

She recalled that there was talk about a 9. mm weapon having been recovered from the vehicle in which her son was travelling when he was shot.

“We need to correct that,” Joseph declared.

“I am giving them the time and the opportunity for them to come up with their investigation. I am just giving them time to do what they have to do and afterwards I will take it from there,” the mother stated.

But she made it clear that she will not let the matter rest.

“I can guarantee you that,” Joseph asserted.

“That’s my seventeen year old. The relationship I had with my son was not just a mother and son kind of thing. We had a relationship in which he would speak to me pertaining to everything,” she said.

According to the police, on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, about 10:30 p.m. officers attached to the Special Services Unit, whilst on mobile patrol, received information regarding a suspicious motor vehicle, at Reclamation Grounds, Castries.

“The responding officers made attempts to stop a white Toyota Lancer, registration number PE3191, but to no avail. The motor vehicle in question failed to stop, venturing through one-way streets about the city, contravening traffic regulations,” the police statement said.

“During an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one individual was fatally shot, whilst a second was non-fatally injured. A third male was arrested without injury. One 9mm firearm was recovered by officers from the said individuals,” according to the statement.



  1. Time to write human right groups about this injustice so they can pay close attention to this corrupt organisation’s they call a police force. 🚨. Make sure you hire an attorney and sue the government. Something stinks bad.

    • Sue for only about 5 thousand dollars dont you know that lawyers are just corrupt as the government and and brutal police force they are all members of the lodge

    • the police are only corrupt unt8l you need them and you will be calling on those same police. the only time we call for human rights us when the police are involved. If this young man had been shot by one of the gunmen in the car with him we would have just called it a day. My heart still goes out to the family though

  2. Every kid’s a “good” kid after the fact. You say that he spoke to you about everything. Did he mention what he going out to do that fateful day? And who he was hanging with? It’s hard ti believe that he walked out the door and just happened to meet up with these other guy’s. Call it what it was / is. A bunch of young “punks”, organized, to be up to no good and they got caught. It’s a heavy price that he paid, but it’s all their fault. They had the choice to stop or run. They chose wrong!
    Case closed! No need for a vigil to try to change public perception. he was a “punk.” That’s it that’s all.

      • DCP of Police, I may not necessarily agree with all pirate wrote but for your best comment to be what you put here speaks volumes about you. Pirate is human like you so when you call him/her a “piece of fecal matter” you are reflecting yourself. And since pirate is a fictitious name, you might have just responded to your man/woman that you made love to recently. LMAO at you. You might have kissed fecal matter. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    • u really to stop beating ur smelling *** you jackass….do you know the full story?? Were you there???….the officers said they retrieved a gun and yet no one has been charged for possession of a deadly weapon….persons in the area said they heard the sound of a “machine gun”….so we know for sure those in the vehicle were not carrying it….yall need to learn to shut yall stink of **** ***….yall think everything the police says is the truth???? You’re as big of an ******* as these officers who killed this young man and are trying to cover up for their mistake….

  3. Is this a joke. Like seriously. A seventeen yr old boy around CXC time in a suspicious carat 10p.m., driving through 1 way streets at break neck speed against the flow of traffic, not heeding to police orders to stop and people like me supposed to be sad. Maybe join a vigil. CHOOPS TAN.

    • Omg shut up fr because he wasn’t driving first of all ……and you know nothing so keep your unfactual comments to yourself ……

  4. Who feels it knows it. I guess people have made up their minds no mater what side of the coin you fall. Let the evidence play out. There is a stench that permeates through this whole episode. My take, there needs to be justification…I haven’t seen evidence of this yet.

  5. I am a bit confused here. We want the police to fight crime a d push them daily for their seemingly inaction. We refer to them as lazy, useless etc. etc. But when it seem like they have heeded our cries for help we now want to dictate who gets caught in their web.

    For those of you naive Lucians out there – teens commit crimes too. They kill and steal like every other criminal. I was once 16 and had an acquaintance that same age. But he was no ordinary 16 year old. A that age he was already a major drug trafficker and accused of at least one homicide, drug related. He is now dead and his legacy is the numbers who were allegedly killed by those seemingly tender and innocent hands. So lucians let the cops do their jobs. We can’t have it our way. Without them every one of us would have had to run from this country.

    • Here y’all go again spread false information….did you see the young trafficking drugs or hear in any police report he was caught with drugs in his possession


  7. If was y’all son, daughter, niece or nephew y’all will be saying a different thing… R.i.p my lil friend will surely miss you #JusticeForJonah πŸ’”πŸ’”

  8. We only heard and read about what the officer said but not what really happened, they can say anything to protect themselves ,there were two other guys there hope they can help with the investigation. I’m not saying a,b or c until they come out and one has to go through this . Hold on strong. You people look at everyone as a bad boy or have something negative to say about them.the rumors spread like wild fire while the truth is hidden deep in the ocean where not even a fish can find it. Unless something to that extent happens to urll …you all will never understand the pain and grief one has to endure . I don’t know you personally but R.I.P.

  9. Last Days: There seems to be a “knee jerk reaction” to condemn the police for taking action with apparent justifiable cause. Let us recall that we are in the midst of a crime epidemic. Most of these crimes are being committed by young men… like you son maybe. Maybe he was innocent.. maybe not… The point is he was in the company of undesirable elements, at a time when he was supposed to be home under your supervision. You have no one to blame really but yourself. Permissive parenting is destroying the society. Be prepared to deal with the consequences

    • I agree with u πŸ’―%.this child was such a loving child.none of the useless ppl talking there knew this child like we did.but the truth will come to light one day.god is not sleeping n he will defend the innocent.ues he will.

  10. I’m a street prawler this boy oh yes he was way ward n the mother knows that don’t let her foolyall she knew her son was involvein drugs n guns n now she wants to pretend n blame the police that night he was out to kill but bad luck the police had time to take him out instead boys in school school uniforms are the most dangerous ones mothers stop being g culprits to y’all children maybe if u had exposed him he would still be alive today…my son was a good boy

  11. Mommy good luck with getting justice for your son in St Lucia it’s a long shot my dear a very very very very long shot so many countless mothers are still waiting just like you that’s why the Leachy Law choking them and I hope it choke them forever. Too many trigger happy fools in government uniform and boots running around. All now they can’t say WHO had the gun in the car ? All they can say IS they found “A GUN” So who’s prints are on the gun ? Was it your son or someone else? What was the statement given by the responding officer as to why he had to fire his firearm ? Was he threaten did he see a gun or after the shooting and search of the vehicle they found the gun ? So many question to ask mommy but who is going to ask it for you there is no one here willing to do pro bono worst yet what’s your last name ?? Where do you live ?? Don’t give up many have been frustrated over the years and have given up don’t give up.

  12. the police are only corrupt unt8l you need them and you will be calling on those same police. the only time we call for human rights us when the police are involved. If this young man had been shot by one of the gunmen in the car with him we would have just called it a day. My heart still goes out to the family though

    • Ok so who had Sulphur on their fingers SINCE YOU KNOW SO MUCH ?? Don’t even try it Lucians are not that stupid. The instant you discharge a firearm there are residue on your hands if you are gloveless and easy conclusion for police IF THEY WANTED CALM MOTIONS AND VINDICATE THEMSELVES but they cant come out and say “WHO” because they are covering their ass for their own.

  13. I have no idea who this young man was or what his home situation was so I cannot judge.

    However, I have a few questions I would like answered in an attempt to understand this fatal situation.
    1. How hold was he
    2. What time was it
    3. Was he with family members /guardians/care givers in that vehicle
    4. Was he running an urgent errand so he “took a ride”
    5. Was he the driver of the vehicle if so did he have a valid license
    6.Was the vehicle actually driving in the wrong direction /legal Flow of traffic
    7. Was the vehicle cruising or speeding
    8. If speeding Were they rushing a sick individual to the hospital
    9. Did the police attempt to stop the vehicle “the right way” before firing shots
    10. What was the age group of the other occupants
    11. Since he was a “minor” shouldn’t the adult in the vehicle (if any ) be held responsible for endangering the live of a minor if he/she did all the negative things that reportedly caused the police to shoot!!
    12. Where was his guardian/parent at the time
    13. Did he seek and was given permission to leave the house / area / block and take a spin! !!!!
    14. Was taking a spin at that time a habit so for persons in his environ that’s no big deal!!!
    15. Attempt to answer these questions truthfully see what we come up with.

    • You full of crap WITH YOUR DAM Q & A ? KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ! Simple was the responding officer felt threaten for him to have discharge his weapon AND WHY ? Was the firearm discharged at the officer ? If no was the public in eminent danger ? If no why the use of deadly force ?? A “trained” officer would know to fall back on a car chase thru a urban area or use precautionary and discretionary insight to avoid bringing more harm to the public so at what point did he have to use deadly force eye witnesses come forward and assist this lady you know how we love Hollywood it must have played out in front of a crowd. To be poor without proper legal council is like giving away your legal right to fresh air.

  14. I can tell those comments r predominently Police officers hiding behind pseudonyms. I hve already written to the US state Department via the Bridgetown Embassy. U all lucian police will know what time it is. Trigger happy abusers of alcohol and women even murderers of spouses among u all. Leahy Law part 2 coming up….. stay tuned.

    • I like that good to go they will deserve what’s coming for them we need more letters like yours to the US embassy
      It’s time for justice in this bloody hell of the west.

  15. I came back to address my earlier comment. Judging by the backlash, you people don’t really want to curb crime. You’re afraid to confront what crime really is. Saying, oh this poor boy, he was a good boy. This boy didn’t mean harm. The cops are all at fault, because they did the job that they were supposed to do. You St. Lucian’s are slow and clueless. You all want something for nothing. You can’t have things both ways. You cry when cops accused of not doing the job. You whine like little bitches when the cops do what they were supposed to do. Niggers, get real already. face it the cops did it right.

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