Mother Appeals To Motorcyclists To Slow Down After Son’s Death

The mother of a man who lost his life in a motorcycle accident has made an appeal to young men who ride their motorcycles as if they are on a racing track, to slow down.

Sonia Joseph told St Lucia Times that she had warned her son, Brad Fatal, 35, many times about speeding.

She said that as a result, it came as no surprise when she heard that he had been in an accident but she did not think it would have been fatal.

Joseph disclosed that when the news came, she originally thought that Brad had been injured.

But the accident took her son’s life.

Brad Fatal was riding a motorcycle which collided with a Coaster on Sunday morning at Ravine Chabot.

His brother by father was the pillion rider.

Both men, who were not wearing helmets at the time according to Brad’s mother, were heading towards Brad’s home at Independence City.

“He is always speeding – always speeding. That boy is always flying on the bike,” the mother lamented.

She said the pillion rider sustained multiple injuries including a broken hip.

Joseph urged young men on motorcycles to slow down, declaring that they should ride for pleasure and not for ‘recognition.’

“I really would not like to hear about another mother mourning for her son as a result of a tragic accident,” she told St Lucia Times.

“They need to slow down – where are they going? They need to stop and take Brad as an example,” Joseph stated.

She said Brad, who is married to a Canadian national, was due to travel back to Canada with his wife in June.

Joseph said she was managing to cope with the death but asserted that she does not want any mother to be saddened by the death of a son or daughter through a fatal road accident.

“God is with me. He is giving me triple strength,” she explained.





  1. Lady, you are wasting your time; they have already been taking care of; when you play with fire, then you get burn!

    • Zabo who are you to say something like that you another human being when she just lost her SON. I don’t understand why some so call human being are so mean disattached insensitive disconnected to people feeling. My God have a HEART show some LOVE compassion and prayers instead of hurtful words. May God almighty continue to shower you with his love and strengthen you. My Deepest sympathies to you and your family. May you find peace and comfort in his love and memories. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.

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