Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mother of deceased accident victim says God will give her strength

Marie Perpie, the mother of deceased accident victim, Jason St Luce, has asserted that God will give her the strength to cope with the loss of her firstborn son.

Perpie said St Luce was not living at her home but the death has devastated her and the rest of the family.

(Jason St Luce)

She recalled that as someone involved in the care of the elderly, she was at Entrept attending classes when she received a call indicating that her son had been involved in an accident.

Perpie said she asked to be excused and went to the accident scene.

“When I reached there I see my son lie down there – I started screaming and crying,” she recalled.

The mother of the deceased said her son’s death was painful to bear as he left children behind, one of whom lives with her.

She disclosed that the death has been especially hard for her husband  who suffers from high blood pressure and passed out when he heard the news.

Construction worker Jason St Luce, 34,  of Rock Hall, Castries, was the passenger in a truck which ran off the road at Marigot  and overturned after the driver lost control of the vehicle, apparently as a result of a faulty brake.

The accident occurred at around 4. pm on Tuesday.

According to the police, the death of St Luce  represents the 5th road fatality for 2017.


  1. I wonder if people never stop to wonder why vehicles have seat belts.And even though you have a faulty brake.The passenger in your car would not be ejected out of your car and dieon the ground.The driver did not even get hurt.You see i will say no more my condolences go out to the Family

    • Dont give your own news he was not ejected, seat beat or not it would not save him. Why people like to give their own news.

    • You can have your condolences for dinner my dear! Were you there? Did you even see what happened? Were you close enough to see MY COUSIN “ejected” from the vehicle? Did you even see him die on the ground? Would you rather get news that two young men died as opposed to one? The driver is going through enough grief already for y’all to be piling this kind of negative on him again! Gosh! when will you people stop? When will we stop treating people like objects? That driver did damn well in trying to avoid a bigger catastrophe so you SHARON need to stop it! Many a times “SEAT BELTS” have cause more harm than good and as far as I can see it, if your mouth brain and fingers have seat belts, you might as well fasten them now before your words choke you! And as I said, Take your condolences and shove it ! WE DON’T NEED YOUR CONDOLENCES. You may very well need it for yourself! next time Sharon, Think before you Type! Stupid! I swear! Being this inconsiderate should be illegal!(Words deleted)

  2. God will give you strength,he always willing and able.But on the other hand Satan is sitting by,waiting to take souls.His the life ender.The driver still alive,not one scratch.My condolences go out to his family.

  3. Sharon Terrell you give your version as if you were an eye witness. Make sure you live righteously before you come out and point a finger at another person. Whether he died as a result of wearing no seatbelt or faulty brakes, the unchanged fact is that a life has been lost and a family is in mourning. You come on here stating you would not extend your condolences to the family of the deceased. Who cares whether or not you do? There is no part of your name that has “God” in it. Everyone has their turn. A mother has lost her son, a child has lost his or her father and you find it appropriate to come on her and make your inaccurate and insensitive comments. Keep your offensive and ignorant comments to yourself. May the Lord comfort the family of the deceased in this difficult time.

  4. Omg my condolences goes out to u Mrs. Marie an ur family I am so sorry to hear the news now it’s like from the time u open ur door in the morning u have to ask for guidance to see another day. Just continue praying an ask for strength for u an ur family. Please accept my condolences hun

  5. Your son is so handsome gone too soon… My condolences to the family! God will guide you’ll through, stay strong.

  6. I wonder why people always seems to bring up issues here when people r mourning… The person said what they said just live it not a time argue or place…chppps….shabs accept my sympathy..God will never live u nor forsake u in times of trouble..stay strong

  7. My condolences goes out to Jason’s Family. I am also saddened by the news of this friend.

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