Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mother Forgives Son’s Killer

The mother of murder victim, Chad Ramsay, says she has forgiven the person who fatally shot her son.

Ramsay, 33, was shot by an assailant who walked up to him on Broglie Street, Castries, on Thursday afternoon.

The Marchand resident, who is said to have been in the company of his brother at the time, died on the spot.

“I forgive who did it to him. From my heart – I forgive him,” Charmaine Ramsay, the mother of the deceased told St Lucia Times.

Charmaine recalled that the day in question was Chad’s day off from work.

“He came home and told me that he is going and collect his bike from the police because they took it from under the last boy,” the mother explained.

“I tell him ‘Okay. Go’ Because he is a boy who does find favour – he prays, so the police will give it to him.”

Charmaine said Chad then informed her that he had received his salary and was going to collect some cash for her and his son.

“I said ‘Chad, do you know Sunday is your mother’s birthday?’ He said ‘Mommy, you are my mother, how I do not know Sunday is your birthday?’ I will buy a gift for you,” Charmaine told St Lucia Times.¬†

She said Chad left and some 30 minutes later news came that he had been shot in the head.

Chad Ramsay – Deceased

“I was in disbelief because I know that Chad is a prayerful boy, so what’s the reason for shooting him,” Charmaine stated.

She recalled that about fifteen minutes later, she was told that her son had died.

Charmaine described her son as a generous, hardworking, prayerful  and forgiving individual who would leave persons who did him wrong to the judgement of God.

“Chad would come home, join hands together with us and pray. Come at his home ‘Mommy, I just finished praying – but let us go back and pray’,” the mother recalled.

She called on those who are without sin to cast the first stone.

“A lot of people when they see somebody gets shot and on the ground it’s always ‘Bad boy! Bad boy’ or some kind of robbery or something else they were doing. But that’s not true,”Charmaine declared.

“Nobody is not good.They say only the almighty you can call good.”

“Some people tell me they coming on TV and saying ‘He was a good boy’. I never said he was a good boy, I say exactly how he was – he was a true father to a son who is seven years. He would buy the video games; he buy bicycle. He loved his son; they were very, very close and he was was very close to me,” the mother asserted.

“Everybody is with sin and all I am asking them, if they want to find out something come to me.”

The emotional other told St Lucia Times that her son did not deserve to die in the way that he did.

“Chad was like a preacher man. Everybody who knows him would tell you good things about him, but those who don’t know would make assertions and accuse him but no, Saint Lucians have to stop doing that. Stop it! Not because he was on the ground dead that means to say he was a bad boy,” Charmaine declared.

She recalled that Chad had lost one job but did a course in bartending and took a job in housekeeping.

The mother said he was employed at the Royalton.

“He took it because he wanted to feed his child,” Charmaine explained, adding that her son would do all kinds of odd jobs to take care of his child and ensure that his mother had ‘something.’

According to Charmaine, Chad’s community in the George Charles Boulevard was in shock and taken by surprise by his demise, since the deceased was always someone who led by example.




  1. R.i.p chad **** the bad minded people and their bad energy u were indeed a good and quiet person you got killed innocently n he has to pay for it

  2. There is allways a hiden reason,that is why somebody walks up to you and pulls out a gun and fires at your body.You have the answer to the shooting.Course at times the shooter,goes for the wrong person,because he has not become familiar with the victims features,and mistakes him.We have the choice of how to live and how to die,The small bad things we did as children and never suffered any punishment,now as adults,in our minds we believe we are inmortal,that nothing or anybody,can change the will of our minds.Our crucked behaviour in society will be stoped one day by a small piece of metal that will turn off the lights of our existance

  3. Mother be strong , his 7 year old son, the rest of the family not forgetting all his love ones; Oh it was terrible; Yes forgiveness is the key! may Chad rest in perfect peace, and may the good Lord forgive him and accept him unto his own!

  4. Vengeance is mine says the Lord; I will repay. I command the mother for forgiving her son’s killer; especially on the same weekend that Jesus said Father forgive them before he was murdered. Every dog has its day and karma does not expire; and it is generational.

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