Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mother Glad Man Who Tried To Steal Car With Baby Inside Was Not Harmed

A mother of  8-month old baby who was inside a car in Agard when a man believed to be mentally unstable tried to steal the vehicle, has expressed relief that the perpetrator was not harmed, a local television report says.

According to Hot 7 News, Kimberly Wilson is thankful to her neighbours who helped to subdue the individual on Monday.

Wilson told the television channel that they realized he was not ‘really normal.’

“No one harmed him. We didn’t beat him or anything you know. To hit someone like that – we would be the criminals; so we just tied him up and handed him to the police,” Wilson stated.

She told Hot 7 News that she was glad the man was not harmed in the process.

However she expressed concern that the man may interfere with the wrong set of people and come to harm

“I don’t think he deserves that. I don’t think he is trying to hurt people deliberately,” she told the news channel.

“They need to give him some sort of help; medication; time to heal where he is no longer a danger to society or to himself.”

According to reports, the man was released on the same day of the Agard incident and created a wave of panic on the following day when he entered the Camille Henry Memorial School.

Screen grab from video

He was subsequently held by the police and taken into custody.

A video of a man, bound hand and foot, was later posted on social media.



  1. An unfortunate headline! You would swear the writer is more interested in the welfare of the thief rather than the baby!!

    • Really jackass?

      The baby is FINE
      The guy isn’t. We have a mental health problem in st Lucia and no one talks about it.
      Watch the young men and women drinking white rum and using all sorts of drugs. We have the depressed. Watch suicide!! Watch all these young men and women growing up with no guidance.

      We’re giving a blind eye to it.

  2. I personally know this guy…..he is a good guy. Just days from speaking to him then seeing this on the internet. This guy is suffering from server depression after the separation from his girl friend and baby. I guess it eventually got to his head… and now this. People need to get off the internet calling him a monster and saying all these horrible things. You don’t know the story.

  3. You people need to stop behaving like idiots the man is sick they did the right thing by not laying a finger on the man.

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