Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mother Hospitalised After Castries Attack – Son Held By Police

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On Monday, police arrested a man following an attack on his mother at Banannes, Castries.

Police say the attack involved stabbing and chopping.

The victim has been identified as Meldrina Vernege.

“I was at work my sister called me told me my mother screaming and stuff so I rushed down. When I reached there, she was in a pool of blood. My brother stand up right there watching her,” Rohan, one of the victim’s sons, told reporters.

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Rohan said the mother of seven, though responsive, had head and stomach injuries.

He said he suspected that his brother, who had a mental problem, was responsible for the attack about 7:30 am.

According to Rohan, police subsequently arrested his sibling while the victim is in the hospital.

“He used to be normal but all of a sudden he went off and started cutting himself. He was okay for the past two years,” he said of the suspect.

Residents of the community said the suspect offered no resistance when the police arrested him.

Headline photo: Police on the scene

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  1. They need kick those lazy asses out they houses if they talk like that. When Lucianns gonna learn. The mental health is also caused by incest,rape, abuse and depression,low esteem and critics of from they family and then turns a looking to gangs for self love approval and acceptance. Sickness. Like ms13 in USA. They all from seriousy broken, bad ass living and broken family values and horrific upbringing in homes in El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela and Mexico. Men and women tooo. So don’t be fooled..You need watch and look into these things tooo. this documentary on cnn about what misery they doing to America communities is so real, I have a friend who went missing because of these mentality deranged gang members recruiting good girls to be they hoes and brainwashing them, and now even in St.lucia. Hold onto your women’ and men tooo but look at they friends, music, things they like….these can be signs of brainwashing and recruiting cycles.

  2. Yes I can believe it. They telling they uncles they bad boys. They using abuse of parents when they don’t get they way or money. Like spoiled pussies. All that is part of entitlement mentality and mental health and grown men actually rebelling. some in they family dependent on parents to support them and they weed habits and also using they women to put things in they parents food to punish them. They Not spending no time in jail nor probation and getting freedom after they abuse they family. Lucian Parents need stand up toooo!! . Don’t be used and abused by your children you brought into the world 9 mths & more. This is sad.Sick. Evil .Satanic Obeah. They also need burn,smoke sage, mugwort and frankincense and myrrh & smudge they house, body and items they bring into they daily surroundings. Negative energy and spirits attack and attach to others who are Negative as well. The gov need use mental health therapy resources, hire mental health and social workers. Folks need Welcome and invite , find de stress solutions into they home, life, mind, spirit,body. Talk.listen, put themselves in other person’s place. Instead of this disharmony going on in these places. The devil is taking over, it’s getting like Haiti there. Pray folks and stand up against brutality of parents going on in St.lucia. Open up your eyes it’s going on, and exist.

  3. The mentally sick we have always had with us from the beginning of time; Jesus healed many, as recorded. What is new on the Rock, is a poor mother of seven, with one sick one attacking her and could very well kill her, not knowing what he is doing. I knew the area very well, as a young boy + – 8 yrs. I remember where Mr. Pilgrim the first owner of the original Crusader News Paper lived, in Bannan, I walked all over the place to La Tock with my Sling Shot looking for Birds.(the original Crusader was on Coral St. near Mary Ann St.) Bannan at the time was not what it is today.
    When I think of this poor soul with seven children to feed, one sick, things got to be hard.(the good Lord said, Father forgive them, they know not what they do) the lesson in all this, is “Love & forgiveness” – have a nice day.

    • Yes well said. Mr pilgrim. I remember that. And Maryann Street. Is this bakery still there tooo. Sad. Too many children and some not getting attention they may seriously need. Lord pray for these parents young and older toooo. The older parents being abused toooo. . My my craziness.

  4. Alot of young peopel are making deals with the devil, resulting in extreme mental illness at times. Sometimes even parents sell the soul of their children just to gain some quick fortune! The eveil that lurks in our society should never be underestimated as it infiltrates the court system (dutty lawyers), parliament ( dutty polticians), our workplaces ( jealous co workers) etc etc etc. Don’t take my word for it- ask your priests and pastors for confirmation on this!

    • Yes yes yes. It’s so true. Amen to that. Instead of working or trying to better they self they offerings to the graveyard and they devil don’t want
      work for them toooo. they that bad.. they need some good prayers instead and learn about the hard life journey. Lololol

  5. @Angel you are 100% correct – mental health is a serious issue in St. Lucia which goes untreated thereby making it worst for the individual. For some strange reason it is not looked upon as an illness (which it is) and a very serious one at that. In addition, on occasion the family members often deflect by trying to fix things due to pride (by trying to reason with the sick individual-such an individual does not have the ability for clear reasoning without professional assistance). There is a need for counseling, medication and resources for an individual who is suffering from mental illness.

    There needs to be a medical task force put in place in St. Lucia to address this and family members need not be embarrassed to seek help for their loved one. To further this issue, people (the public) often resort to name calling the mentally ill which furthers the depression, despair and deprivation with isolation and alienation. A strong family support system along with treatment is paramount in dealing with mental health issues.

    In some instances family members resort to obeah and other means making the mental illness worst. St. Lucia has several individuals in need of URGENT help in this area.

    • Call the marigot hotels and hotels in area .they touristy folks using the roads.. they need pay tax there to fix the drive. Or set up a fundraiser fir ommunity and make a contribution. That’s what they there for Also !! Using folks like slavery is back and they fat American bank accounts, while your roads and bridges remain unfixed and you need pay your own car repairs..Think Folks. Arise.Resist!!

  6. Such a sad situation all around. Mental health is a real issue on the island. A tragic sickness which deserves more attention and resources in order to help combat this problem. We need more mental health services aimed at understanding/educating and addressing this problem. A place where people can turn to for help. Too often the mentally unwell are shunned/ridiculed, which pushes them further into obscurity. I pray for the entire family. x

  7. I remember a man telling me he so much of a badboy he would kill his own mother because he’s a real badboy.

    when I heard this, mate and his group of friends came to mind. Most of these young men do these things for women to like them and to gain respect on the streets. It’s very sad

    • You will never gain respect on the streets by killing your mother, whether and angel or a demon. If you do such, the street men and drug dealers will take you in to be used you as a fall man. No one will trust a person who kills their mother.

    • They need kick those lazy asses out they houses if they talk like that. When Lucianns gonna learn. The mental health therapy is also caused by incest, abuse and low esteem and critics of from they family and looking to gangs for love. Sickness. Like ms13 in us. They all from seriousy broken, bad ass living and broken family values and upbringing in homes in El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela and Mexico. Men and women tooo. So don’t be fooled..You need watch this documentary on cnn about what misery they doing to America communities and now even in St.lucia.


    • Daughter, instead of taking your time and characters writing your comment you should have done some research into mental illness.

      Go to google or your preferred search engine and type “what is mental illness?”

      You can do it, you can help yourself understand by researching mental illness and its effects.

    • @Daughter, You must try to be a little more realistic and put your emotions to the side. Mental illness is real and will get worst if unattended or left untreated. The past year plenty of very “normal” people had serious breakdowns. Some may have gone completely off reality.

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