Mother loses baby, accuses VH of neglect

A Ti Rocher, Castries woman has accused Victoria Hospital of neglect after losing her newborn baby boy on January 31, 2017.

Zilta Moncherry, 35, told the Times that she went to the hospital  where she told a nurse that she was experiencing pains and was informed that someone would tend to her.

Moncherry explained that after being tended to by a nurse and a Doctor, another nurse administered some medication.

The Ti Rocher resident recalled telling the nurse who was administering the medication that she was in pain.

“If the baby is coming, why are you all trying to stop it?” She recalled telling the nurse.

Moncherry told the Times that the nurse asked her why she believed there was space in the nursery for the baby that was on its way.

She said she was given medication for the contractions, but it apparently it did not work.

The mother said she eventually began experiencing excruciating pain, at which point her first daughter took her to the bathroom for a shower.

“When I came out, if the pain was at five before I went to the washroom, within minutes it was like eight – eight almost nine,” Moncherry explained.

She said when she returned to her bed, she told her husband, Greenidgeeli, that she wanted to go to the washroom.

Moncherry said while she sat on the toilet, she got the urge to stand up whereupon she began giving birth.

She told the Times that she alerted her husband and sent her daughter to call the nurse.

“Before even finishing that sentence, the baby was already out,” Moncherry said.

“I held him – his head did not hit the ground or the floor; I held him by the back of his neck and his legs and I saw – he cried, I heard him cry,” she told the Times, adding that she turned the baby over and saw that she had given birth to a boy.

“He watched his father, but he never watched me,” Moncherry said.

“Then the nurse came in ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness – she had the baby! ‘”

Moncherry told the Times only one nurse visited her at that time but left, telling her to hold on since she was going to return.

According to Moncherry, the nurse returned about twenty minutes later with a colleague.

“They cut the umbilical cord and left with the baby,” she stated.

Moncherry said she was put on a wheel chair and taken back to the ‘labour room’, where she kept asking about her son and was told that the Doctors were still working on the newborn child.

The Ti Rocher resident said she was eventually told that the child, who had a number of abnormalities inside and outside, had died.

She recalled asking to see the child.

Moncherry said she examined the newborn who looked normal to her.

However she recalled being told that the child’s head and face looked flat and agreeing that the face looked flat.

Moncherry has one daughter who has an abnormality.

An official of Victoria Hospital, contacted by the Times for comment on the woman’s story, said there was need to look into the matter.

“This is very unusual behaviour,” the official stated.

According to the official, the patient’s complaint was being heard for the first time by Victoria Hospital although the incident is said to have occurred on January 31, 2017.

“We are hearing this from the media,” the official stated, adding that persons who believe that they have been aggrieved can write a letter, fill out a complaints form or visit the hospital to seek redress.

However the official said the hospital was happy that the matter was brought to its attention by the media, and would investigate.

The Moncherry family said they were advised by a friend to take their complaint to the media as a means of getting the authorities to act.