Mother Of Ciceron Boy Who Was Shot In The Eye Says It Was No Accident

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The mother of the nine-year old boy who sustained a gunshot wound to the eye on Saturday afternoon at Ciceron says his injury was not the result of an accident.

“It’s a lie,” Renata Henry said of reports that someone was playing with a weapon that went off and wounded the child.

According to Henry, her child was held by the neck and a gun was put to the boy’s temple.

She told St Lucia Times that the weapon discharged.

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“He is heartless to do a child that,” Henry said of the male individual whom she disclosed had accosted her son.

The boy was hit in the eye and had to be hospitalized.

He has since been released, but family members say the bullet is still lodged in his eye.

Police have arrested Kyle Austin, 18, of Ciceron, in connection with the incident and charged him with maiming.

Renata Henry says her son is traumatised as a result of the shooting.

According to the mother, the boy does not want to go to school.

Henry expressed concern that the boy may be bullied by other students because of having only one eye.

But she explained that at times the child demonstrates strength, urging her and other family members not to despair.

“I have one eye, but I still have life,” Henry quoted the boy as telling others.

The mother told St Lucia Times that her heart breaks when she sees her child with his eye bandaged and his face swollen.

She also had a message for the person responsible for the injury to her son.

“God will deal with you!” Henry declared.

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