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Mother Of Murder Victim Expresses Confidence In Cops

The mother of murder victim, Kimberly Williams deLeon, declaring that she has high hopes, has expressed confidence in Saint Lucia police as they try to crack the case in which her daughter was shot dead on October 29 last year.

“My hopes are very high. However it’s not me – it’s the police. They have to do their job. I have confidence in them yes. The problem I have is the way they’re handling the situation,” Mary Williams said Wednesday night.

She was Timothy Poleon’s Guest on the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live.

“It is not that I don’t have confidence. I know there is  process – a process to follow of course; but they are dragging their feet and it’s like – it’s a while I haven’t heard anything from them,” the mother lamented.

“I have to make that move to hear. I am sick and tired of doing that because every time I go, I hear something different,” she explained.

“So who do I believe? What do I believe? I am in the dark. I know there are things they cannot tell me; but update me – tell me something. But I have to make that move. It’s okay. If I have to walk up there  10 times a day to get updates, I will do it,” Mary Williams asserted.

But she told  Journalist Timothy Poleon that she is not getting ‘anything concrete” or ‘satisfactory’.

“There is process I know, but when you call and when I come to you and you say that you have the  results – you will give an update, but by the time I get back to you then something is missing – it has to be mailed to you. You just said you had the results; you did not say you had part – everything came back and you will give an update. It’s about a month but I am hearing nothing,” Williams disclosed.

Speaking about the murder of her only daughter, she said at times she tells herself that it was not real and did not happen

“Sometimes I feel so angry – very, very angry,” Williams explained.

“Because nobody has been caught. I don’t know who did it.  I want to know who did it. I want to know why you have taken my only daughter away,” she said.

Williams said finding the answer to who was responsible for the death of her 42-year old daughter and why the woman was murdered would bring some degree of closure.

“The answers will not bring total closure, but you will feel a little better knowing that this person is caught and held responsible. It will fill a little void,” she observed.

Kimberly Williams deLeon, the mother of two minor children, was killed by a single gunshot to the head at her home at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune.



  1. The police is dragging this they know who the killer is and they are trying to protect him it’s one of their own when you hear the cry of the mother who is hurting come out with the truth.Do we have an open season to murder innocent people.Well the pressure will be kept if your police cannot it then get outside help we need justice for Kimberley justice

    • An innocent beautiful intelligent young woman killed murdered in cold blood and the killer is watching listening to everything and maybe even a part of this case. This is so shocking its hurtful it gets me so angry in a rage that i would have taken the matter in my own..the children need to be questioned..there is no mention on that. As a mother a praying mother spiritual i call on the God of israel to send forth this killer let him fall before you oh God and reveal himself Father!! To bring peace and rest to this soul who was taken from her family for no reason. To her mother i can feel your pain and i pray to God for strength over you to see the end results of your daughter’s death. May God bless you.

  2. Unfortunately those involved do not recognise that it can be useful to advise that there is no update at a particular time. Communication is appalling and the lack of it is insensitive but few acknowledge that it is helpful for victims to be told “ Im sorry but at the moment we have no further information for you” rather than being left dangling or worse still having to keep chasing when officials fail to respond as they’ve promised. There will be a lot of that.
    I’m afraid Mrs Williams will have to make a nuisance of herself so be strong and fight for justice.

  3. Let me say this listening to show on dbs the second female caller said something that make sense,I think social services should interview the kids with the grand mother present stop waiting for the police where are the results a piece there and there people are not stupid we are watching

  4. Tears run down my cheeks as i read this. As a mother i feel your pain. Hang in there. Dont give up. Conscience conscience conscience tne person who did it. Hope your conscience and karma mix together and do to you what you deserve.

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