Mother of young shooting victim wants justice

The mother of the  young shooting victim, Dequan Joseph, who was gunned down Sunday in Bois Den, Jacmel, wants justice.

“I would like to let the person know that they kill my son; that my son had no problem with them whatsoever. They will get judgement for my son,” the mother said when asked what message she wanted to send to those who gunned down Dequan Joseph.

“Dequan was a loving child – a usual thing, all lil boys troublesome, but my son wasn’t in no gang – my son only comes by me on a weekend,” Wendy Joseph said of the former form five student of the Bocage Secondary School.

Joseph recalled awakening from sleep and hearing several gunshots being fired.

She told the Times that she later received a telephone call informing her that her sixteen year old son was dead.

Joseph said she went up the road to discover the young man’s bullet riddled body lying on the ground.

“There were two other guys fighting for their lives,” the distraught mother told the Times.

She said the two other shooting victims later died.

“What I understood was that the person actually came – there were several guys there doing barbecue as usual and my son was there and somebody just came and started shooting up everybody,” Joseph stated.

She said she was not sure how many shooters were involved.


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