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Updated on June 1, 2020 11:24 am
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Mother Says Child Left Room Minutes Before Shooting Started

The mother of a young boy says her son left the room minutes before his father was shot at Morne Serpent, Gros Islet, Wednesday night after 11.00 p.m.

Natalie Cole told St Lucia Times that the  two year old was resting on a chair with his father, Robert Stanley, in the living room of the family home.

Robert Stanley

The mother recalled that the boy left to go into his grandmother’s room and minutes afterwards, gunshots were fired into the living room.

Cole said had the child not left the living room, he may have been injured or even killed.

“I would not even want to imagine that happening,” she stated.

She said one of the bullets struck Sanley, 28, in the head as he lay sleeping on the chair.

“Nobody realized had happened until a few moments later – people thought it was a gas tank” she told St Lucia Times.

She expressed the view that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity, recalling that has happened in the past.

“His face was in the opposite direction of where the shooter was, so he had his back to the shooter,” the mother stated.

Cole said three or four shots were fired.

But the mother told St Lucia Times that it was unclear whether one or more shooters were involved.

“It was dark and the person was in the balcony, also there was a curtain separating the window from outside, so the gunman actually out the gun through a hole in the window, shifted the curtain aside and started firing.”

She expressed the view that the target definitely had to be someone else.

Cole disclosed that Stanley, an entrepreneur, sales associate and photographer, has limited associates and has no issues with anyone.

Cole explained that the bullet did not penetrate Stanley’s head.

She said he was responsive but in a state of shock when she visited him in hospital Thursday morning.

Cole told St Lucia Times that the current level of violence in the society makes her sick.



  1. Yeah right! Mistaken identity, my foot. The shooter knows where he lives and traced him there. He was lucky now. Let him hide cos they are coming back for him.

    • Yes the shooter knows exactly where he lives, but he shot the wrong man, Dodo shut your mouth, cause you sound stupid, my family will pull through… Justice will serve.

  2. Dodo you an ignorant ******* who knows nothing about what happen. Come back for him why. When is was not aim for him

  3. Here we go again guns guns guns in the hands of the wrong people police need to start this stop and search find them with a gun put a heavy fine and jail time we need to fight the criminals these young guys must be caught and face justice I mean real time behind bars

  4. The system is the one responsible for all the crime as most people work for less than 3 hours a day in st Lucia those jobs are not attractive so people go into crime to survive

  5. unknown
    i think dodo is guilty that people lives some day you to will feel it and say that. what did he take or do? some ppl smhf

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