Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mother Says Son Killed At Anse La Raye Was ‘Very Troublesome’

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The mother of an Anse La Raye man who died from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, says he was ‘very troublesome’.

“The boy had trouble with everybody and everybody had trouble with him,” Agnes Danzie told St Lucia Times.

However, she said he was nevertheless, a loving individual.

Agnes recalled hearing the sound of a gunshot after 8.00 pm on Saturday.

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She said that at the time, 34 year old Emroy Danzie, was on the bridge ‘cooling out’.

The mother explained that although it was past the 7.00 pm curfew, Emroy, alias ‘Pata’  was close to his home.

She observed that he was not on the road.

According to law enforcement officials, someone reported to the Anse La Raye police station that  Emroy Danzie had died.

Officers found his body in a drain on Bridge Street in Anse La Raye with an apparent gunshot wound.

His mother lamented that children in the fishing village are being raised as gangsters and ‘bad boys’.

As a result, Agnes Danzie has called on parents to ‘stand up’ for their children.

“That wasn’t happening before – we’re killing one another; not outsiders, insiders,” the mother noted.

And in regard to her son’s death, she said that ‘nature’ would take its course.

Headline photo: Agnes Danzie

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