Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mother Says Son Who Was Fatally Stabbed Was ‘Life Of the Party’

Debbie Lustal, the mother of the Guyanese national who was the victim of Sunday morning’s fatal stabbing at Bagatelle, Castries, has described her son as  having been an outgoing individual who always put a smile on everyone’s face.

“He was the life of the party,” Lustal recalled.

She said Michael Pooran, 27, always liked to make people feel happy.

Pooran, who lived between his mother’s home in Odsan and a friend’s home at Bagatelle, died after he was stabbed at a party in Bagatelle early Sunday morning.

The mother said she has been hearing various versions of what actually led up to the stabbing.

According to Lustal, her son died from multiple stab wounds.

She said based on what she saw of the body, he had ‘a lot of holes’ in his stomach and chest.

Lustal, who has three children, told St Lucia Times that Pooran was her only son.

She said she never knew him to be in problems with anyone and did now know that he had any enemies.

Lustal recalled that on one occasion, her son told her that he had been robbed, whereupon she advised him to be careful on the road.


  1. It was a party so I’m guessing there should be many witnesses…But then again it is Bagatelle we’re talking about here,the boys won’t talk & we *ALL KNOW HOW LADIES DON’T LIKE TO TALK*so I’m guessing it’s another unsolved mystery.

    Hope the police question the right individuals & crack the case like scooby doo & gang or Sherlock Holmes.

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