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Updated on June 5, 2020 10:29 pm

Mother Still Seeking Answers One Year After Fatal Police Shooting Of Arnold Jonah Joseph

The mother of Arnold Jonah Joseph says she is still seeking answers one year after the fatal police shooting of her son.

On  the night of May 22, 2019, the 17 year old Entrepot  Secondary School student lost his life as a result of a police shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries.

The teenager was in a car with two other males.

Members of his family have been at the police to provide clarity on what exactly happened.

A police statement shortly after the incident said officers were pursuing a ‘suspicious’ vehicle.

The police claimed they had difficulty making it stop.

“I am awaiting on answers to all our questions on what happened on that night,” Joanna Joseph, the mother of the deceased wrote Friday on social media.

She declared that there’s no law governing the police in Saint Lucia.

The mother asserted that when the shooting first occurred, the media were ‘hot’ for a story.

“But after months, we have no more media interested in Arnold’s story and the criminals are out there,” Joanna lamented as she reiterated her cry for justice.

According to Joanna, a stop needs to be put to the police killing ‘our great young men’.

She warned citizens that they never know when such a situation will visit their doorstep.

“Help me fight, cry together with me,” Joanna appealed.

She suggested that the next victim of a fatal police shooting may be someone’s son, daughter, nephew, brother, father, or someone close.

“Arnold Jonah Joseph deserves justice,” the mother declared.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the latest regarding the fatal shooting is that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is awaiting a ballistic report which would indicate which police guns were fired on the night of the incident.

The official said the officers involved in the shooting are still on duty.


  1. Wow, a year has passed on that already, there are so many cold cases that have been forgotten.What about the wife of the police that was killed?

  2. just last week st Lucian’s were asking for the police to just make people disappear to many people have been asking for the police to just kill at will anyone involved in crime be careful what we ask for

  3. A whole year? For a ballistic report? Does the RSLPF think people are stupid? Just like they are?

  4. police shootings and crimes usually most time goes unsolved and becomes cold case its a system design to protect the herd .lots of unsolved crimes are a product of the police force .

  5. I understand that you want answers my lady and I sympathize with you because it’s not easy losing a loved one. in the same breath I have to admit that you have to take responsibility for what happened to your son because he was supposes to be at home preparing for cxc rather than being in a vehicle after 11pm and coming from whatever part of babonneau.

  6. Mweh mem you talking s*** you have no idea were the boy was coming from there are many situations as to why he was there for intance coming from relatives to his house and that’s the time he got a life u dont know the police has give a better explanation why they fired that weapon

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