Mother wants answers in stabbing death of teenage son

The mother of the Bagatelle homicide victim has said that she wants answers in relation to the death of her eighteen year old son.

Glendon Barthelmy was rushed to hospital Tuesday afternoon after being stabbed and died some time later.

His mother Glenda Barthelmy recalled that she was at work when she received a telephone call indicating that her son has been stabbed.

Glenda said her sister, who conveyed the tragic news, was crying at the time of the telephone call.

She recalled leaving her work place immediately.

The mother told reporters that while on her way to the hospital, she kept telling herself that she would tell her son to stay away from his friends ‘because watch right now, look where he is.”

“Not knowing I would not have a chance to speak to him,” the mother said while breaking down in tears.

She asserted that she wants to know the truth of what happened to the teenager.

“I want to know the truth,” the mother explained.

“My child wasn’t a bad child – I mean all children have their ways, but my child was very respectful, not disrespecting anybody,” she observed.

“Nobody had anything bad to say – if anybody has anything bad to say I don’t know.”

The deceased was a former student of the Bocage secondary school.

According to a law enforcement source, he was stabbed during a scuffle with another male after noon on Tuesday.

The eighteen year old was taken to hospital where he died about three hours later, it was reported.



  1. Very sad condolences to the family. The devil is rampant in this world which is own by him. The best advice is which I know its hard to do is forgive him and leave everything in God’s hand. You won’t get your son back, you’ll see him someday . I sympathize with you

  2. Lady, who feels it, knows it! Accept my sympathy, you, your realities and friends of the deceased; what truth are you talking about Lady; the truth is only what you see and know
    Now you see, you need help, what about the other 20 odd families that is going through the same situation as you, only for 2018! The only help we can get, it comes from the police, but no one is helping them to find the true suspects.
    He was only a teen! Hold tight Lady, trust in God.

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