Mother wants justice for deceased son

Monchy mother Paula Polius, whose son Samson Polius, was hacked to death last night outside his home, has told the Times that she wants justice for her deceased son.


But she has said that she does not know whether that will happen.

The mother recalled that Samson was with her the whole of yesterday afternoon, thereafter leaving to go to his residence nearby where he spends the night.

Ms. Polius disclosed that sometime after the young man took his leave, she heard reports that he had been killed near the door of his place.

A pool of blood marked the spot where the attack took place.


“I don’t know what happen,” she told the Times.

The mother said that both her son and the other young man who allegedly attacked him with a cutlass, live in the same neighbourhood at Monchy.

The alleged attacker was arrested shortly afterwards by the police.

But Paula Polius stated that she did not know whether  the alleged assailant and her son were friends.

Samson Polius was hacked to death, reportedly following a confrontation with his attacker.

The mother of the deceased described him as a good boy.

She said she had no complaints about him.

Ms. Polius revealed that Samson was the last of her three children.




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