Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mother Whose Son Was Fatally Shot In Castries Urges End To Violence

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The mother of a man shot dead on Friday night in Castries wants an end to the country’s violent crime wave.

Candia Lionel told St Lucia Times that her 27-year-old son, Travis Lionel, was shot on his way home.

Candia described Travis as a hardworking, friendly individual.

Regarding whether he had unresolved issues with anyone, the mother said she did not know as she does not live with him.

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Candia disclosed that she last spoke with Travis around 3:00 pm on the day he died.

Candia Lionel

According to emergency responders, two men sustained gunshot injuries Friday at Morne Du Don, Castries, around 7:00 pm.

The responders reported that one of the men was unresponsive after he was shot in the region of his eye.

The other patient sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen, and emergency personnel transported both men to the OKEU Hospital.

“They need to do something about that shooting and if they don’t do something about it I guess the neighbourhood will be empty,” Candia Lionel asserted.

“I think it has been going on too long. People dying and is the same thing happing,” she lamented.

“Is time for that to stop,” Candia told St Lucia Times, adding that those who did not give life should not feel at liberty to take life.

Headline photo: Travis Lionel

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  1. @the FOX you are correct – ultimately the choice lies with the individual to chose which path that he or she decides to walk in. However, choices have consequences and folk need to be mindful that depending on the choice you make you will reap accordingly. It is simple you can not plant oranges and expect to reap bananas??????????

    As for me, I am thankful and grateful that I was taught as a child to pray to have respect for others and to not envy anyone, to live within my means and most importantly to do unto others as I would have them to do unto me. I was also taught to stay in school and learn as much as possible stay away from bad company as BAD company corrupts good morals. Ii give God the praise as I left St. Lucia at 15 and I give GOD the glory by the time I was 31 I have already obtain a Masters Degree praise God.

    I was taught show me your company and I will tell you who you are. Praise God for my upbringing which I have passed on to my children. Amen and Amen

    Thank you.

  2. @C-WIZ:- I know and you know its no point arguing wit you; you have made up your mind and I believe you’ve read Christopher Hitchens’ books, and so have I some of them; in the end I believe and you don’t for now; I wish no deathbed conversion for you, but that today you may do the right thing, that is before your restless Soul calls out: He is always there to save.

    • @The Fox…thanks for showing concern for my soul in things spiritual. I must add though I that I have been there and done that and to be honest it’s all empty gestures and postulations. Now mind you, I do respect that people have religious beliefs but that should not stop anyone from challenging ideas I find ridiculous…like a man dying and raising from the dead ..etc etc…it’s all myth..never happened. I am a person of science and science gives more answers to the wonder of the universe than any religion can give…I like hard seeable facts that can be tested and proven and replicated if tested again and again. , Religion is not of that. Just the ravings of men in some far flung region who know what he smoked to come to these revelations in the Bible…I have looked at or rather studied many religions and their inception and they all follow a certain or particular pattern….that is not for me….once the ancient Greeks believed that Zeus was sending thunder and lightning from the sky…today we no longer have to believe in zeus as we now know how thunder and lightning occurs ..thanks to science…and I can find countless other examples for you….I can assure you, I live a very fulfilled life with no fear as to what life beyond the grave brings…I can answer that question you you now…there is nothing beyond the grave you die that it exist as dust and become part of nature…in essence you exist in another form technically….so I suspect if I am on my death bed, my perception won’t change cause I have found my truth. But again thanks for your concern…keep the conversation going on the forum…

    • @The Fox….By the way I forgot to add… Christopher Hitchens was a formidable orator. I have read his books….you could also find his debates on YouTube where he argued many positions against religious apologists… One must admit logic and reason trumps blind faith any time, every time..You should also read Richard Dawkins, Steven Hawkins and Laurence Krauss…

  3. I am sorry for your loss mother. I can’t find words to soothe your pain… This issue is societal and for solutions we need government to work with communities to find solutions to their concerns. This issue starts in the home, then I continues in the schooling system and spills back out on the streets….those advocating prayer, I ask the question, how long have you been praying, how long has your mothers and fathers been praying, and you grand parents?, Your great grande?…. praying and doing nothing else produces nada…u can pray to your sky god till pigs learn how to moonwalk and it will still produce NADA… action action action is what is needed… targeted well planned action… Saint Lucia society ain’t the same society 50 yes ago… society evolves things change… people develop different life philosophies and when once there was community that has been replaced by the self serving…me me me….so government needs a new approach….cause this ain’t sweet St Lucia

  4. Young men, take your pick: its either the Cemetery or the Jail house; but there’s a third choice and that is to follow the straight & narrow way; that path stems mostly from a) at a Godly home b) from a school that teaches from day #1 the way of God, singing a Church Song before lessons begin every day.(that was our way before school started) at the old Methodist School next door to the Methodist Church. We recited Hymns and sang songs, that was Mr. Walker and Mrs. Alix Walcott Derek’s mother, a small School that produced some good people; I have no doubt that there must be schools with better curriculum today a less poverty than my time, but can anyone tell us, what has happened? has Godliness gone? What has replaced the love of God?

  5. He was Released from Bordelais about two Months ago .Why was he serving time at Bordelais and what was he engaged in after his Release. Most of you Parents especially the Mothers know exactly what their Children get involved in

  6. Father heal our nation. We are broken and bleeding to the core. Let’s all go back to a nation under God, no denomination just do unto others as you would want done to you. Praying for the men as the devil is seeking to destroy


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