Friday, February 28, 2020

Motorcycle Cop Injured In Accident

A motorcycle cop was injured in an accident Tuesday near Jn Marie petrol station, eyewitnesses say.

Emergency officials said they received a report about the incident about 12:20 pm and responded with an ambulance and a fire truck.

St Lucia Times was informed that the initial report received was that a police officer fell off a motorcycle.

The victim was identified as Michael Ashby, 35, of Ti Morne, Union.

Concerned colleagues gather around injured police officer

It was reported that he was riding a motorcycle which ran into the rear of a police vehicle.

The victim is said to have sustained injuries to the lower back and pelvis.

The motorcycle cop was transported to Victoria Hospital after being immobilised and put on a spine board.



  1. Get well soon. But as long as u hit a vehicle from behind u wrong right?.jus asking.

  2. Did they do an breathalyzer test on this cop? or were the driver in front of him was driving too slow?

  3. He was riding and texting and he crashes into a police truck,and hes a cop,great.

  4. These motorcycle policemen always taking a hit – literally. I remember a few years ago Arthur Mortley (Bargo Wire’s nephew) hit one of them too. Tough times

  5. Joke of the year. To me is only in movies police vehicles crashing into each other. After we hv clowns in the House of Assembly we hv them in the police force too. Aa no need for the circus anymore.

    • So cold hearted. Someone got hurt and that is your response. Oh maybe I should give u the benefit of a doubt that u didn’t read the person got hurt badly. If not you are worse the clowns that you speak about. Persons with no form of remorse towards persons who are hurting or in need are worse off the Devil himself.

      Get well soon officer. You are in my prayers

    • Lol couldn’t agree with you writer .Joke of day am dying with dat comment. 😄😄😄😄

  6. Wishing the officer involved a speedy recovery. your service to society is appreciated. I hope he gets the best care.

  7. Speedy recovery….but again the way I see some of them officers ride dem bikes it’s crazy just got to be more careful especially through traffic..

  8. get well soon. .. accidents do happen and we should be more careful what we say about others …you in my prayers officer

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