Motorcyclist Hospitalised After Marisule Accident

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Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) rushed a motorcyclist to the OKEU Hospital on Friday after his motorcycle collided with a motorcar.

The Gros Islet fire station responded with an ambulance and fire truck after receiving a call for assistance at 4:31 pm.

The responders reported that the motorcyclist was stable when they transported him to the hospital.

There are no further details at present.

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Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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  1. Something else if you’re interested: ‘ THE INVISIBLE WAR ‘ – BY Dr. D. G. Barnhouse. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 U.S.A.
    This next one is a treasure, I’ve read it more than a dozen times.
    THE SPIRIT WORLD – By Rev. CLARENCE LARKIN – P.O. Box 334, Glenside, PA. 19038, U.S.A.
    The world would be a better place if Churches would teach/preach on these lines.

  2. I have been concerned that St. Lucia has been under a curse; this I think is due to some factors: the majority have turned their backs on God, the young are lazy and rather rob, some violently, than seek work, some have splintered into groups of gangs, pushing drugs for a living, the groups choose locations to rob, to sell drugs, human trafficking, sell guns etc. Gang life is an American life style Import. No Caribbean and South American Country is immune from this new life, with the exception(maybe) of Cuba. In St. Lucia, gangs fight each other to protect their illegal Turf, ending with gun fire, death and injury.
    The Godless & Lawless influence, mixed with Occult practices, obeah, Voodoo and Witchcraft, creates an attraction for evil spirits, resulting in (“to steal, to kill and to destroy”) all the hallmarks of the evil one.
    An interesting reading = DEMONS & DELIVERANCE, BY H.A. MAXWELL WHYTE: for further information; ‘whitaker house, Springdale, Pennsylvania 15144’ – (Google it).

    • What you expect when lucians want to repeal laws that punish people for witch craft wizardry etc. Watxh HTs newspole this past week and see their sick opinions and belief on the streets.

  3. We ride with our hazard light on continuously. Therefore, other road users don’t know whether we are going left or right. Let us please as bikers stop behaving like chickens with no heads.

    • Additionally bikers love to over take and ride on the center line totally ignoring the danger points such as cross traffic, junctions and intersections. When a bicker is parallel with a vehicle how can you know which direction the vehicle will turn? Not all drivers also use their mirrors. If i am a rider i would be 1000 times more vigilant and evasive mentally because i have no protection to protect my bones…

  4. @how you mean its not only abt bike life…i find these days we move from shootings to ouji boards to drownings to rd accidents…this place is like i just dnt know….this st lucia place


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